Puerto Iguaz˙

Puerto Iguaz˙Puerto Iguaz˙: shower in the Waterfalls - (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
Situated in the northeast of Argentina, Puerto Iguaz˙ is 300 km away from the Capital City of the Province of - Posadas City - and is the city that borders on Brazil and Paraguay through the concourse of Paranß and Iguaz˙ Rivers.

Being a touristic place, it provides with the greatest spectacle of water and forest ever existing on Earth - the imposing Iguaz˙ Falls - in guaranÝ language "Big waters".
This region has a humid subtropical climate without dry season , with temperatures ranging from 20║ C to 33║ C in Summer while Winter is mild and nice. It is important to mention that due to the high degree of humidity the rain diminishes thermic amplitude and causes clouds increase.
Topographicaly speaking, Puerto Iguaz˙ is located in a plateau with red rocky land due to the melaphyre decomposition rich in iron and having cliffs covered by humus favouring the growth of an exuberant forest.

To get to this charming city and one of the most wonderful sceneries in South America one can do it by plane arriving at Iguaz˙ International Airport 17 Km away from the city centre. Coming from Brazil and Paraguay one can cross "Tancredo Neves International Bridge".

Among the most chosen activities, the tourist goes on excursions to Iguaz˙ National Park -NaturalHeritage to Humanity by UNESCO- visiting 275 waterfalls and getting to know the exotic flora and fauna .
In the city, there are different places to visit such as "MbororÚ" and Natural Sciences Museums, Tres Fronteras Boundary Stone and the International Casino.
From Puerto Iguaz˙, one can go on excursions to Ciudad del Este (East City) -Paraguay- where there is an important crafts and electronics fair, as well as on excursions to Brazil in order to get a different view of the falls.
Puerto Iguaz˙ is a place where nature , in its greatest beauty expression, will amaze the tourist for sure.

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