Over the Iguazú Falls on a Helicopter

On the Brazilian side, it is possible to have a unique experience by flying over the famous Iguazú Waterfalls at a prudent distance.

The sign located on the road invited us to a unique experience: flying over the Iguazú Waterfalls on a helicopter. This is one of the many flights leaving everyday from the Brazilian heliport. In a matter of minutes, they unveil the mystery of the falls from the air and they show how the Iguazú River continues its course until it empties into the Paraná River.

Carlos Rose, the manager of the company Helisul, assured us that this was a really fascinating experience. He explained that, out of prudence and so as not to alter the local wildlife, these flights are carried out at a considerable height and not low over the falls, as many people think. Thus, passengers may have a clear vision of this singular scenery, unique in the world.

Once sitting on the helicopter and having fastened our seat belts, the propeller started to turn and in a matter of seconds we were in the air flying down over the course of the Iguazú River.

  • A prudent distance

    A prudent distance

  • A majestic view of this geographical wonder

    A majestic view of this geographical wonder

  • The helicopter over the falls

    The helicopter over the falls

  • On the Iguazu River

    On the Iguazu River

  • It is hard to put into words

    It is hard to put into words

  • A white cloud reaches the sky

    A white cloud reaches the sky

We had barely taken off when the cameras were already positioned at the windows, ready to shoot both photographs and videos at the geographical milestone that summons hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The view of it is awesome from the heights.

It is hard to put into words. The Iguazú River is almost red due to the sediments dragged by its waters. Suddenly, it is as if it sank into a huge hole man has come to call Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat).

The river sinks and a white cloud reaches the sky as the water falls from one place to another giving shape to the famous waterfalls. From the air, the rainforest surroundings and the international hotel venues that mingle in this postcard may be appreciated both on the Brazilian and on the Argentinian side.

The footbridges are perfectly seen from the helicopter and it is impossible not to feel proud at man’s wittiness to have engineered these great works in the exact place where nature is unflawed.

The tour and turns taken by the chopper display a unique perspective of the falls. A kind of triangular route lets travelers see both the waterfalls and the Triple Border Milestone (the very spot where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay’s borders meet), as well as Itaipú Dam, another engineered wonder.

From above, it is possible to spot several tourist circuits in the national parks, both in Argentina and in Brazil, where, in addition to walking around the rainforest, several RIBs approach the falls to perform the ritual of being bathed by the water spray these natural showers generate when they fall into the void.

Flying over the waterfalls on a helicopter is a tour like no other. It shows a unique sight of this place, which features the necessary magic to please the most demanding of mortals, even those who believe they have already seen everything.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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