A Fantastic Cruise in Iguaz˙

When it comes to giving more glamour to the Waterfalls, the crew of Cruceros Iguaz˙ succeeds immediately. This is a must among all the outings available in the city.
There is a new outing at the Waterfalls, in the City of Puerto Iguaz˙. Far from traditional, this is a tourist attraction itself which has managed to fascinate visitors from all over the world who want to have a different point of view of the surroundings.

The Iguaz˙ and Paranß Rivers meet at the Triple Border milestone. These plentiful and troubled waters offer the chance to enjoy the charm of the rainforest, this time from the perspective of the water.

The Victoria Austral Catamaran sets sail everyday from Puerto Iguaz˙ and can accommodate 300 passengers with maximum comfort and safety. This is a modern spacious watercraft specially designed to watch the landscape both from the inside of the ship while sitting contentedly at one of the tables, and from outside on the main deck or terrace.
  • Far from traditional,

    Far from traditional,

  • The charm of the rainforest

    The charm of the rainforest

  • Tancredo Neves Bridge

    Tancredo Neves Bridge

  • Can accommodate 300 passengers

    Can accommodate 300 passengers

  • The Victoria Austral Catamaran

    The Victoria Austral Catamaran

The tour starts upstream the Iguaz˙ River, about 2.5 kilometers from the local port. It goes under the Tancredo Neves Bridge and then turns downstream towards the Triple Border spot, where the Iguaz˙ River empties its waters into the vast Paranß.

It is at this point where the ship makes a 360-degree turn so that the passengers make take pictures, enjoy the panoramic views and especially become aware of why the guaranÝes gave the Paranß the denomination of ôlarge seaö.

The navigation continues southwards along the Paranß River up to the Mbocay Falls, where it starts to come back.

During the first part of the tour, a bilingual guide explains all the details at sight and the local geographical features. Thus, the passengers learn part of the history of this region of Misiones.

An international music live show is the triumphal goodbye for all adventurers. This includes karaoke, contests and dancing, which makes this outing memorable.

Pablo Etchevers / Gentileza Cruceros Iguaz˙


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