The Iguaz˙ Biocenter

In Puerto Iguaz˙, an invitation opens the doors to know the Biocentro Iguaz˙, a space that houses a sample of native and exotic biodiversity.
The Biocentro de Iguaz˙ is a destination to learn a little more about the native and exotic flora and fauna of the region. On route 12, at the entrance of Puerto Iguaz˙ , the Biocentro disseminates information about the characteristics of the Atlantic jungle that spills over the province of Misiones and invites to be part of environmental conservation.

A tropical garden
It is an exuberant walk through different paths and parks that take you to visit the aquarium, the serpentarium, the butterfly garden, the orchid garden, bromeliads and water lilies and the lagoon that receives birds for the pleasure of photography lovers. The architecture with stones, wood and crystals focuses on greater contact and enjoyment for the visitor. This interpretation center in Puerto Iguaz˙ is a mirror of what can be found in the missionary jungle, but also shelters exotic species from other parts of the world.

In many cases it is about the recovery of animals that will then return to their natural habitat. The serpentarium comes with a story behind that makes it legendary. Part of the exotic animals that it houses found a home there at the request of the scientist Alejandro Vogt, who contributed to the science and preparation of the anti-ophidic serum. Its Zootoxicological Center in the city of Oberß had to close its doors and the species were distributed among different institutions to avoid their sacrifice.
  • A butterfly farm

    A butterfly farm

  • The serpentarium

    The serpentarium

  • A significant orchid sample

    A significant orchid sample

  • Birds and hummingbirds

    Birds and hummingbirds

  • Make contact with the various species

    Make contact with the various species

  • Among the tourist attractions in Iguaz˙

    Among the tourist attractions in Iguaz˙

  • El Pueblito themed hotel

    El Pueblito themed hotel

The butterfly garden is the pearl of the Biocentro to enjoy the beauty of the butterflies of the Atlantic jungle, which also has a breeding laboratory to continue enriching the humid tropical environment where they live. The missionary jungle is home to three quarters of the known species in Argentina and this contribution is extremely valuable.

El Pueblito is a thematic hotel, with a sustainable philosophy, surrounded by the natural landscape of the Los Pßjaros lagoon, in perfect alliance with the tropical garden. Its design has colonial nuances that recreate the city┤s historic buildings. The decoration comes from the hand of artisans and plastic artists of the region. It has an alternative and renewable energy policy and works with suppliers that also develop a project in line with the conservation and preservation of the environment.

The El Pueblito hotel and the Biocentro invite you to adopt good environmental habits and protect the natural wealth of Misiones.

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El Pueblito
Ruta Nacional 12 KM. 3, (3370) , Puerto Iguaz˙, Misiones
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