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Lying on the banks of the Uruguay River and boasting the Carnival spirit of Corrientes, Paso de los Libres is a beautiful city to tour around. Whether on the way to or back from the Iguazú Falls, it is totally worth a day trip.

The City of Paso de los Libres in Corrientes is located on the Brazilian border, right in front of the City of Uruguayana, 362 kilometers from the capital of the province. It was founded on September 12, 1843, by General Joaquín Madariaga.

The city is well-known for having been the cradle of one of its most distinguished and famed denizens: Arturo Frondizi. This Argentinian lawyer and politician was born there on October 28, 1908 and he was president of the nation from May 1, 1958 to March 29, 1962.

Among local tourist attractions, Agustín P. Justo – Getúlio Vargas International bridge, which encourages commercial and human traffic between both cities, stands out. Besides, Saint Joseph’s Church -right opposite Independence Square- and Juan Domingo Perón Tourism Municipal Park -on the lake known as Laguna Brava- are other must visit sights in the city. So is the monument that pays tribute to Ernesto Montiel, a hero famous for having created Santa Ana Quartet, a band that plays Chamamé.

  • On the Uruguay River

    On the Uruguay River

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    Forced passage to tourism in Brazil

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    Geographical boundary

But there is something that has made Paso de los Libres a renown spot: the way in which carnival is celebrated. Unlike other cities in Argentina, it has incorporated its own features and customs, which contain a Brazilian style. Its floats began to dance in Paso de los Libres back in 1948 and were designed by Círculo Social, Cultural y Deportivo Carumbé (CSCD Carumbé). They became part of regional carnivals and gained more and more followers every year.

Today, this is a major city in the Province of Corrientes where visitors may enjoy Carnival. It has come to be known as the Cradle and National Capital of Carnival.

As far as fishing is concerned, the shores of the Uruguay River and the various spots including lakes, rivulets and creeks around it summon hundreds of anglers on both banks. The come in search of large dorados and bogas, which are plentiful from July to the summertime.

Due to its location, Paso de los Libres occupies a strategic point among important cities like Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Asunción (Paraguay). It enables a true exchange of languages among the Brazilian, the Argentinian, the Uruguayan and the Paraguayan, which cross borders all the time.

Every year in May, Paso de los Libres welcomes Jeep fans who come from Argentina, Brazil and other neighboring countries to get together and take part in one of the most interesting rallies in this area of the Uruguay River.

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