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Discovering Puerto Iguazu from the comfort of a car is an enriching experience. Your times and walks are solved smoothly.

Puerto Iguazú is the base city to know one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. From the arrival at Puerto Iguazu airport, the best way to get to know the city, the Iguazu Falls and other complementary walks is by car. Everything is more comfortable, you should not be aware of the frequencies of public transport or book excursions or transfers. We invite you to discover Puerto Iguazu with Like Rent a Car.

The city and the lodging

The city of Puerto Iguazu is relatively small and has all kinds of accommodation. The advantage of renting a car allows you to look for a type of lodging closer with the lush atmosphere of the missionary jungle and the serenity that you are looking for in such a promising ride. The Iryapú Forest Reserve is an ideal place to stay and interact with the Guarani communities bordering the Iguazu National Park.
Guided walks, original handicrafts, bird watching, plant watching, horseback riding are one of the many proposals that can be made with the best Archaeologists in the region.

  • Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls

  • Portal of the three borders Foz De Iguazu

    Portal of the three borders Foz De Iguazu

  • Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side

    Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side

  • Friendship Bridge

    Friendship Bridge

  • Paths of Iguazu

    Paths of Iguazu

  • Foz De Iguazu

    Foz De Iguazu

  • Jesuit Mission of San Ignacio Miní

    Jesuit Mission of San Ignacio Miní

Iguazu Falls

It is the great attraction for those who visit Misiones, within the protected area of two national parks. Subtropical rainforest and moist vegetation protects the planet´s largest biodiversity. The entrance to the park on the Argentine side is 17 km from Puerto Iguazu. However, the walk already starts from the beginning of the tour, leaving the city by car. The Falls, visited by millions of tourists, are World Heritage Sites.

The Iguazu River runs mostly brazilian territory, until the big water jumps shared by both countries are formed, and then flows into the Paraná River. If you want to visit the Falls on the Brazilian side and get incredible panoramic views with a great approach to the Devi´s Gorge, it will be necessary to do the migration procedures on the border with ID or passport. Like Rent a Car cars are eligible to travel to neighbouring countries.

Border city

The walks through Puerto Iguazu can be extended a little further and visit the sister cities that make up the border landmark, Ciudad del Este and Foz do Iguau. The Tancredo Neves International Bridge links Argentina and Brazil, the most frequent commercial and tourist route. If you want to take a further walk around Foz do Iguau, the Bird Park is a close experience immersed in the charm of the birdlife. In Ciudad del Este, crossing the Friendship Bridge that links this shopping center with the cosmopolitan Brazilian, you can tour the Itaipú Dam and the Monday Jumps. It all depends on your available time.

Other walks in Puerto Iguazu

In addition to exploring the Falls, there are many departures that can be enjoyed in this missionary city. The Theme Park La Aripuca, the Garden of the Picaflores, the refuge of wild animals Goirá Oga are ecotourism walks linked with beautiful and significant environments.

Other nearby locations include Wanda and San Ignacio. The first, 50 km from Puerto Iguazu on Route 12, has its greatest appeal in the gemstone deposits. The second destination is located 240 km away and is worth the way to know the Ruins of San Ignacio Miní, one of the best preserved Jesuit reductions in America. A few kilometers away is teyú Cuaré Park, the setting that inspired Horacio Quiroga and his jungle tales.

Puerto Iguazu is an incredible destination at the confluence of two majestic rivers that embrace the borders of three countries.

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