Wanda Mines

We visited the Wanda gemstones site and learned about their formation. We were delighted to see amethysts, agates, topazes and quartz crystals.

To reach this district -named after a Polish princess who loved gemstones– we had to travel along National Route 12 up to the village.

Resting on the plentiful Paraná River, it lets visitors appreciate this singular attraction in the open air. Referred to as “open pit mine”, this is a deposit where the minerals are found near the surface.

We were welcomed by a local guide, who led us around the entire corridor where the gemstones are found as he told us about their origin and chemical composition.

“In 1976, the first layer of gemstones was discovered in Wanda”, the guide explained. It seems that the base on which the Province of Misiones lies was formed during Cenozoic Era, about a hundred and fifty million years ago, and it went through several instances of lava coming from the core of the earth.

  • Local gemstones

    Local gemstones

  • To be used in jewelry

    To be used in jewelry

  • The Wanda Mines

    The Wanda Mines

  • Various colors and shapes

    Various colors and shapes

  • Handicrafts that travel all round the world

    Handicrafts that travel all round the world

  • Open air

    Open air

When the lava got cold, the gas bubbles were trapped and gave shape to the basalt, which is the mother rock that gives origin to the local gemstones.

As we moved around the venue, we were amazed at the various colors and shapes of the stones we came across. Thus, we watched gems with hexagonal and bipyramidal prisms and octahedrons. Varied stones, especially amethysts, which feature a violitsh color, have been found at the Wanda Mines. Likewise, topazes, agates, jaspers and rock crystals are common in the area.

After touring around the site, we were invited to visit the exhibition and sales room, where the gemstones are transformed in order to be used in jewelry.

Our visit to the famous Wanda Mines was over. We could behold the extraordinary work nature did millions of years ago when it gave shape to the treasures turned into shining handicrafts that travel all round the world today.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: The visit may take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the interest evidenced by the visitor.


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