City tour around Puerto Iguaz˙

The City of Puerto Iguaz˙ is ideal to stay and enjoy beyond its surroundings, immediate destinations for visitors. A city with its own stamp.
Every detail has been taken care of to please tourists at the City of Puerto Iguaz˙. Located at the famous triple border among Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, it is a small metropolis with almost 40 thousand dwellers and its own particular lifestyle.

Its philosophy of life, as well as that of almost all the cities lying on the Argentinian littoral area, dazzles visitors as soon as they start walking down its streets, where the pavement brought along by progress is combined with the red soil ľrich in iron- provided by Nature for thousands of years.

Among the tourist attractions visitors should not miss, some outstanding points in the city are worth a visit at any time of the day.
  • The famous triple border

    The famous triple border

  • Aripuca


  • Casino


  • Bus terminal

    Bus terminal

  • Garden of picaflores

    Garden of picaflores

One of this must visit is the already famous Triple Border Milestone, an emblematic site joining two rivers and three countries. It gives life to a site for encounter and photographic souvenirs, a mandatory icon at Puerto Iguaz˙. Argentina on this side, Paraguay and Brazil right in front, and so many differences and similarities in the same panoramic sight are the typical postcard of this nook which has succeeded in blending its rainforest with imposing international hotels and cabin resorts.

Another interesting attraction not to be missed is the orchid gardens, located on Jangadero Street, between Santa Fe Street and Corrientes Street. At this spot, beauty and the mystery of nature amaze viewers with the hues and the shapes adopted by this kind of plants that still remain puzzling for scholars.

Those who enjoy the pleasure of games of chance and good taste will discover that Puerto Iguaz˙ has some sites worth visiting, such as Casino Iguaz˙ and the Duty Free Shop, another very stunning shopping mall in Argentina. They are both located in the Argentinian Customs area, where travelers just need to undergo the migratory control in order to access Foz de Iguac˙, the Brazilian city from where the same waterfalls may be observed, even from a modern elevator.

Leaving town and getting closer to the waterfall area, the number of choices and destinations continue to multiply. Some of them imply the typical scenery of Misiones, such as Iberß Retß Botanic Park, Yria˙ Village, the incredible Guira Oga, the attractive Rainforest Images Museum and the Aripuca. Others are more exotic and strange, like the Bottle House and Our Lady of Iguaz˙ Sanctuary. Tours and tourist operators offer their services inside Iguaz˙ National Park.

All this certainly makes visitors feel at ease and wish to return to this small nook on the planet, where the soil is red and a good mate is always waiting to be tasted.
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Bear in mind: One of the mandatory tours at the waterfalls is the chance of walking around the area in the moonlight on a tour that has come to be called: Moonlight Ride. The outing includes the possibility of having dinner, walking along the footbridges with other visitors in the company of a guide authorized by the national park and it ends with an exclusive celebration in which caipirinha and champagne crown this magical tour.



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