The Iguazu Falls from Brazil

The Brazilian side of the waterfalls lies across the river. It is the same geographic feature, as nature has no borders, but from the Brazilian side, visitors may appreciate the falls from a different perspective.
Rumor has it that the waterfalls are different ôon the other sideö. They look larger, more visual, and ideal to take a huge panoramic picture and share it with acquaintances, family and friends.

The truth is that on the Brazilian side, the waterfalls are just the same, but visitors may catch a complete glimpse of their front view, as well as of their grandness, due to the geographic situation of Parque Nacional do Iguaš˙, which we reached by car from the City of Puerto Iguaz˙.

Parque Nacional do Iguašu is wonderful from every point of view and, just like its Argentinian equivalent, it is nestled in the heart of this green thick rainforest where palm trees, climbing plants, bamboo and ivy are common and give shape to an almost impenetrable layer.
  • The falls from a different perspective

    The falls from a different perspective

  • a huge panoramic picture

    a huge panoramic picture

  • Fantastic viewpoint

    Fantastic viewpoint

  • Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas

    Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas

  • Wonderful from every point of view

    Wonderful from every point of view

  • A unique circuit of footbridges

    A unique circuit of footbridges

  • Is in truth impressive

    Is in truth impressive

Parque Nacional do Iguašu, in Brazil, was declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1986, which practically coincided with the same declaration on the Argentinian side, in this case under the name Parque Nacional Iguaz˙.

The area the visitor may access is made up by a unique circuit of footbridges right in front of the falls. That is why it is said that there is a panoramic view of the waterfalls. The landscape offered by the footbridges is in truth impressive.

This circuit of footbridges is about 1,200 meters long, with slopes that invite visitors to walk to different points from where the river and the Argentinian footbridges on the opposite shore may be observed. Viewers can feel as if they were inside the waterfalls.

As we walked to the end of the tour, from where the vastness of the water falling into the famous Devilĺs Throat may be appreciated, our heartbeats grew stronger. Feeling the river falling into the void and crashing against the bed is an experience second to none.

For such purpose, our Brazilian fellowmen have had the bright idea of setting up an elevator whose glass windows offer a great view of the majestic falls.

This is a wise kind of harmony that gives evidence of the fact that progress and order may perfectly accompany Mother Nature all around the park.

Pablo Etchevers / Eduardo Epifanio

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Bear in mind: Many say that the waterfalls are experienced in Argentina and seen in Brazil. The truth is that this privilege nature has granted to the Argentinian and the Brazilian alike is something we must take care of always so that it may be enjoyed by our children and the future generations. It should be considered that every undertaking in the area has to contemplate the environment as the first priority over any kind of business.



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