Culturas Park, Worship of Nature and Life

Puerto Iguazú is experiencing an interesting growth and that is evidenced by the number of new tourist attractions available in the city that invite visitors to make contact with the prodigious local natural environment. Such is the case of Culturas Park.

Specially designed as a space where visitors may make contact with the best cultural expressions of Misiones and the charms of the East, Culturas Park is one of the new attractions in town.

The idea of this venue is that visitors learn and take home an unusual knowledge of the area, the regional cultures around the Iguazú Waterfalls and the Eastern world, a distant land that is perfectly camouflaged with the province of Misiones.

Visitors to Culturas Park will enjoy a show of light and sound about the history of the early days of planet Earth and about the formation of precious stones, for example.

  • The story of the beginning of planet earth

    The story of the beginning of planet earth

  • An attractive outdoor

    An attractive outdoor

  • Brought all of East

    Brought all of East

  • Admiration for visitors

    Admiration for visitors

  • Across the planet

    Across the planet

  • Universal cultural works

    Universal cultural works

The first stop consists of a multimedia presentation on the regional and eastern cultures. After that, the venue offers three well-defined theme spaces. The first one lets tourists learn about the typical handicrafts from the Province of Misiones. These items are offered for sale. The second space is devoted to eastern cultures. A number of items brought from the East and a sample of eastern architecture are on display. The third space consists in a jewel shop and a museum of minerals where visitors may buy items and acquire new knowledge.

In addition to the world of stones and prodigious surrounding nature, a Japanese garden invites everyone to relax and behold a perfect Zen space to forget about the world. They may even close their eyes and imagine themselves on the other end of the planet.

That is why Culturas Park is a beautiful unique site.

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Culturas Park Iguazu

Av. de los Inmigrantes (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-423159


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