7 must-see sights in Puerto Iguaz˙

The Falls City is an ideal place to stay in and delight in its marvels. Here are 7 great tips to get to know it.

1- The famous Iguaz˙ National Park

What words could possibly describe Iguaz˙ Falls? We could call them unique, unfathomable, powerful, impressive, majestic, magnificent, fresh, wonderful or simply gigantic. You must visit them at least once in your lifetime. The lower, central and upper walkways are waiting for you to discover them.

2- Puerto Iguaz˙ City Tour

A walk around the city is really interesting. Its split stone streets, wandering around its old and new districts and its shops will never fail to surprise you. Littoral products, wood crafts, T-shirts and all sorts of souvenirs of the Falls are on sale.

3-Littoral gastronomy

You can choose from a wide range of traditional littoral dishes or try the increasingly popular signature cuisine. The restaurants in this beautiful city offer river fish, pasta, meat and pizzas combining traditional flavors with a Caribbean touch to satisfy even the most demanding palate.
  • Majestic, magnificent, fresh

    Majestic, magnificent, fresh

  • Coatis


  • Litorale˝a gastronomy

    Litorale˝a gastronomy

  • La Aripuca

    La Aripuca

  • Falls from the water

    Falls from the water

  • Landmark of the Three Borders

    Landmark of the Three Borders

  • In light of the moon

    In light of the moon

4- GŘirß Oga, the bird house

You simply must visit it during your stay in Puerto Iguaz˙. The bird house is one of the best man made options to get really close to nature. All types of birds and an ecological, educational criterion make it a top priority for a family outing.

5- La Aripuca

Is man trapped within himself? Is he entangled in progress? These are some of the questions La Aripuca Theme Park triggers by introducing us to the wealth of the jungle, its flora and fauna and manĺs relationship with it. Looking after the environment and instilling ecological values is its main aim. A great option for children.

6- A view of the Falls from the water

Boundless and unfathomable, a close up look at Iguaz˙Falls is fascinating. How? By taking a ride on the river in a rigid hull inflatable boat practically under the fall. The ride is called Iguaz˙ Jungle Explorer and can be booked inside Iguaz˙ National Park by the Falls.

7- The Falls by Moonlight

The moon is the perfect excuse for a night walk. The change in sounds and the sheer size of Iguaz˙National Park make it an unforgettable experience. Strange sounds and screeches, unexpected rustle of leaves and the Falls lit up from the sky will take your breath away.

┤We offer 7 options in Puerto Iguaz˙ though there are many more, also unforgettable. The jungle, the rivers and the stunning Falls await.┤

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