Images of the Rainforest Museum

Large pieces masterfully carved represent natives whose skills and abilities enabled them to survive the hostility of nature.
A dentist called Rodolfo Teˇfilo Allou has left a significant artistic and cultural heritage in Puerto Iguaz˙. His passion for woodcarving and in turn for life in the Paranß rainforest has inspired him to create masterpieces. That is how the Images of the Rainforest Museum emerged.

Allou was self-taught and worked with native wood at his workshop. Among the many characters that inhabited the lush environment, he carved a pregnant native woman, the native professions and details of life in the Jesuit missions. Figures of GuaranÝ legends and animals were carved by his hands to be remembered forever.

We went around the venue to discover his work done with the proper tools on the whimsical shapes of some roots, lianas and wood pieces found in the forest. All the material has been classified and all the pieces on which Allou embodied so much of his affection are on display there.
  • Woman bitten by snake

    Woman bitten by snake

  • Passion for woodcarving

    Passion for woodcarving

  • Sculpture of a Paraguayan artist

    Sculpture of a Paraguayan artist

  • Work with native woods

    Work with native woods

  • Displayed with affection Allou put on each piece

    Displayed with affection Allou put on each piece

Some popular characters such as Jorge Cafrune and Horacio Quiroga ľanother lover of wild nature- were immortalized in noble wood by Allou.

Outside the museum, we could walk along the Rainforest Trail, which led us deep into the thick surroundings teeming with native species whose humidity and perfume accompanied us during the hike. As we reached PanambÝ Creek, some members of the group decided to take a comforting bath in those waters. As we got close to the Iguaz˙ River, we visited a chapel that also houses pieces made by the same artist.

Rodolfo Allouĺs personal human quality has been portrayed in these rooms that make up a dynamic and very attractive museum. Works of art and the rainforest he highly praised co-exist in harmony inside the same venue.

Mˇnica Pons / Pablo Etchevers


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