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In the last few years, the City of Puerto Iguazú has built up top gastronomic options which have succeeded in combining the flavors of regional cuisine with signature cuisine. Delicious dishes made in Iguazú.

Gastronomy at the City of Puerto Iguazú is really fascinating. The variety of menus, dishes and even flavors manages to lure not only tourists but also distinguished customers from the neighboring Cities of Fox de Iguaçú (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), who resolve to cross the bridge in order to enjoy a good meal.

Picasso, Dalí… Eating at Boutique Hotel de la Fonte

Matteo Lagostena is an international chef who has devoted his life to discovering aromas and getting to know flavors. He has become a scholar of local products in Misiones and he uses them to elaborate each dish at his own restaurant.

Immersed in a tropical environment, 400 meters away from the triple border milestone and downtown Puerto Iguazú, this impeccable restaurant makes customers wish they would never have to leave. Its architectural and landscape beauty contribute to this, not to mention the dishes and creations of the author who has passionately confessed more than once that when it comes to cooking, he gets his inspiration from nothing less than Picasso, Dalí and Pollock.

History goes that as soon as Matteo met his wife Simona, Boutique Hotel de la Fonte came to life. At this unique place, each guest will enjoy quietness and care all the time. The gastronomic proposal is “traditionally Italian with local touches” as a result of the use of fresh organic local products the host himself is in charge of finding. A jewel in the rainforest.

  • AQVA Restaurant

    AQVA Restaurant

  • Bocamora Grill & Wine

    Bocamora Grill & Wine

  • De la Fonte

    De la Fonte

  • La Misión (Amerian Hotel)

    La Misión (Amerian Hotel)

  • El quincho del Tío Querido

    El quincho del Tío Querido

  • El quincho del Tío Querido

    El quincho del Tío Querido

Guaminí Misión Restaurant

In the restaurant of the Guaminí Mission hotel you can delight in the best cuts of Argentine meats and the most exquisite dishes surrounded by the rich history of the Jesuit Missions. You can also enjoy live shows and a varied grid of events.

Chef Marcelo Barrios is a specialist in regional gastronomy. Its dishes invite us to explore local traditions through native flavors, textures and colors.

Bocamora, Grill and Wine Gastronomía

Bocamora se ubica en la margen del río Iguazú, justo en el lugar dónde se encuentra con el río Paraná. Situados en el paseo de la avenida Costanera y a tan solo 5 minutos del centro, nos encontramos a minutos de las distintas atracciones que tiene Puerto Iguazú.

Bocamora Grill and Wine Gastronomía, es un restaurante de alto nivel que logró, desde sus inicios satisfacer los paladares mas exigentes de este destino turístico, logran ser uno de los lugares imperdibles a la hora de comer. Platos de la cocina gourmet, platos típicos de la región y por supuesto, la mejor carne Argentina hacen de Bocamora un sitio paradisíaco, donde se conjugan recetas únicas con una vista fascinante de las 3 fronteras. Un bodega perfecta, nutrida de jóvenes vinos hasta etiquetas de las más afamadas marcas de alta gama. Bocamora, una experiencia única en un lugar inolvidable.

La Rueda, A Classic in Puerto Iguazú

Flavors, quality, assistance, politeness, dedication, experience, grandeur, and we could go on mentioning words to define this site. It was opened in 1975. Having visited La Rueda means having visited Puerto Iguazú. Famous for one of its main dishes among both locals and visitors, namely surubí Garganta del Diablo, this restaurant offers the best cuisine at any time. Meat, pasta, fish and poultry dishes stand out.
The menu includes a wide range of choices. Regional products are included in the traditional international cuisine parameters. The most outstanding are river fish and the best Argentinian meat cuts, such as bife de chorizo and bife de lomo. Located at the very center of Puerto Iguazú, a few meters away from everything and hosted by its owners, La Rueda is an incredible venue, where gourmet meals and coziness are natural and enjoyed from the moment customers step inside.

Aqva, A Corner not to Be Missed

A modern first-class restaurant. A period architecture in which every single detail has been taken care of is conjugated with excellent regional and signature cuisine to give life to Aqva, an unforgettable place to have lunch or dinner. Meat, pasta, grilled meals, poultry and fish are the great protagonists, harmonically mingled with all kinds of sauces. Top wines and excellent wineries guarantee cherished moments.
As a starter, surubí or smoked salmon croquettes. As a main course, the river trilogy is formed by the dorado, the pacú and the surubí or surubí tropical, accompanied by mushroom or nuts sauce. For dessert, white chocolate mousse with brownies or dark chocolate mousse with white chocolate ice-cream, two delicacies that justify staying longer to enjoy a cup of coffee, as if the night had no end. Aqva is an incredible site in a small city with incredible characteristics.

El Quincho del Tío Querido, an Exquisite Steakhouse

If there is a superb steakhouse at Puerto Iguazú, where the sensations of a great meal, the grill, and the achuras may be observed and enjoyed, that is El Quincho del Tío Querido. Classic of classics at Puerto Iguazú, meat and offal, poultry and pasta are combined with signature sauces and accompanied by the best wines in the country that invite customers to stay longer. The delicious meat, as well as the expertise of the cooks, provides added value to each of the dishes served at the venue. For all these reasons, visiting El Quincho del Tío Querido is a must while staying at the City of Puerto Iguazú.

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De la Fonte

1º de Mayo 611 (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-420625

La Rueda

Av. Córdoba 28 (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-422531 Cel: +54 3757-672327

El quincho del Tío Querido

Av. Presidente Perón y Caraguatá (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-420151

AQVA Restaurant

Av. Córdoba y Carlos Thais (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-422064 Cel: +54 3757-671939

Hotel Guaminí Misión

Av. Río Paraná & Palo Rosa (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-422801

Bocamora Grill & Wine

Av. Costanera 20 (3370) Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

Tel: +54 3757-420550

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