Gran Mendoza

San Martín Park, Mendoza (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)San Martín Park, Mendoza (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
Very close to the center of the City of Mendoza, the capital district and the surroundings of Luján de Cuyo, Maipú, Las Heras, Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz are part of a whole that shares the same idiosyncrasy: Great Mendoza.

The urban grid has expanded and, in turn, the satellite cities have gained importance and a life of their own. If there is one outstanding characteristic about its layout, it is its wide streets and sidewalks, its cleanliness and the old tree groves that cover the streets as if they were a green tunnel. The irrigation ditches, formerly made of dirt and now of stone, water parks and squares that make people from Mendoza feel proud.

Dwellers of these large cities are polite and willing to listen to visitors. They proudly show their origins, their history and their noisy streets. They are sociable and worship friendship. And that is evident while walking round the area.

Tours and Activities

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Arena Maipú: Las Vegas in Argentina

Arena Maipú – Casino Resort lodges the same accommodation and entertainment concept that made the City of Las Vegas, in the USA, famous worldwide.

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Mount Aconcagua: Discovering its Fame

Its name is immediately linked to Argentina. Every year, its almost seven thousand meters are the target of mountaineers from all over the world who come along to conquer its summit.

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The Hill of Glory

It is a bronze construction of fourteen tons that pays tribute to the Army of the Andes for its successful campaign of liberation. It is a monument worth visiting.

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Learning about Maipú’s Cuisine

“Love Maipú” is one of the slogans that have invaded the streets of this fine city. Its cuisine is beyond all doubt a way to apply, experience and live this feeling.

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The Wine and Olive Spa: Kumelkan

Arena Maipú – Casino Resort houses Kumelkan, Wine & Olive Spa, where treatments based on local products...

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Luján de Cuyo, Malbec Land

While the name Luján de Cuyo goes around the world printed on the labels of the best wines from Mendoza, its people show that they have many more reasons to feel proud.

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Maipú, Cradle of Olive Trees

The Olive Road is one of the newest tourist attractions in this small city, just a few minutes away from the City of Mendoza. Venues of all sizes open their gates to visitors...

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Tour around the Wineries in Mendoza

Wine tours have become a classic in Mendoza. Both local and foreign tourists come along to be delighted by the flavors and fragrances of this beverage.

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City Tour in Maipú

The City of Maipú treasures a rich history where wineries and olive plantations prevail. Just walking down its streets and talking to its denizens lets visitors understand the significance of this city...

Photo gallery

Photos (1): Pablo Etchevers
Photos (2): Jorge González