Maipú, Cradle of Olive Trees

The Olive Road is one of the newest tourist attractions in this small city, just a few minutes away from the City of Mendoza. Venues of all sizes open their gates to visitors to show how they give life to their olive trees and the best olive oil in Argentina.

The Olive Road, which spans along many kilometers opening gates to various venues that devote their time to growing olives and making olive oil, has become a new tourist attraction in the last few years.

During our trip, we had the chance to discover and see some of the family and corporate undertakings dedicated to these products. They all provide guided tours and tasting sessions ideal for tourists.

Maguay, Paradise for the Most Discerning Palates

In the outskirts of Maipú, at 1491, Ozamis Sur Street, there lies this venue named Maguay. A family undertaking, it has made and commercialized extra virgin olive oil, varietals and olives for over 30 years. All these products are obtained from their own plantations, which are open to visitors.

  • Paradise for the Most Discerning Palates

    Paradise for the Most Discerning Palates

  • Olea europaea, olive, olive or olive tree

    Olea europaea, olive, olive or olive tree

  • Tribute to olive

    Tribute to olive

  • Tasting sessions ideal for tourists

    Tasting sessions ideal for tourists

  • A succulent drupe

    A succulent drupe

No sooner had we got out of our vehicle than we were given a warm welcome by the owners of the house, who invited us to walk amidst the olive plantations in order to start learning how everything begins and what kind of olives they grow. We discovered novel concepts, such as the difference between green and black olives, and how a good olive oil is obtained.

All the questions have answers. We toured around the manufacturing process of each product, all of which end up in an excellent tasting session inside Maguay estate. A luxury for visitors.

Pasrai, Intact Quality since 1920

Best-known for the quality of its olives and oils, the history of Pasrai dates back to 1920 until today. This family tradition has been continued by five generations.

The guided tour includes a journey to the past and the present. Visitors may observe how everything started through the photographs exhibited and the accounts given by the guides. Elements used in the past to grow and harvest the olives that would later be used to make the famous olive oil are also on display.

The guide was a real expert in the subject. She led us on a tour that is enjoyed by tourists not only from Argentina but also from all over the world every day of the year. We followed all steps from the cultivation stage to the harvest and through all the machines that take part in the segmentation process to separate the water, the pit and the juices that will later on give origin to the oil.

It was a real pleasure to appreciate the photographs of the first harvests and to discover what everything used to be like during the early years, when there was no cutting-edge technology and manpower stood out above everything.

Olivícola Simone, Another Classic in Maipú

Located within the same circuit, but this time at 1500, Ozamis Sur Street –a very busy way- there lies this olive producing venue that welcomes tourists year round to show them the benefits of olives and their oil and to let them understand a little bit more about the processes involving the making of these products that are laid on Argentinian tables everyday.

Tasting sessions deserve a whole chapter, as after the classic guided tour that reveals the technical explanation of olive growing and oil making has ended, various tables are laid on an invitation to taste each product.

Upon tasting these produce, visitors will understand differences, flavors and aromas. “There is something for every taste”, the guide said and she was far from wrong.

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