Originally designed as a summer village, Potrerillos today is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the Province of Mendoza, lying just 70 kilometers from the capital of the province.

The water body bearing the same name as the village occupies a surface of approximately 1,500 hectares, has a length of 14 kilometers and a width of almost 3 kilometers. All this gives way to various tourist operators and services to present their offers, among which rafting, trout and silverside fishing and camping, as well as countless outdoor activities ideal for the entire family, stand out.
All around Potrerillos Dam, diverse tourist undertakings and accommodation venues invite travelers to lodge at hotels, inns or cabins and discover the beauty and harmony of this region in Mendoza, where the high mountains, the valley and the Blanco and Mendoza Rivers entice visitors to stay longer always.

At first, Potrerillos was the site chosen by families from Mendoza to find relax and build some weekend houses. Gran Hotel Potrerillos was built during these days. Its architectural style became word of mouth in the entire province and ever since it has lodged hundreds of families who came along to see the properties of this “new place”.

The summer villages tempt everyone to be delighted by the pure air, the clean sky and the thick vegetation. In spite of the scarse steady population, visitors have all services available: convenience stores, health centers, telephones, cabins and campsites.

Today, in addition to the village itself and the dam, several tourist attractions appear in the surroundings of Potrerillos. Some of them are Las Carditas, Las Vegas, Valle del Sol, famous Salto y Piedras Blancas, as well as the small but charming Vallecitos ski resort and the healing hot spring waters of Cacheuta, another mandatory site close to this village in Mendoza.

But if there is one thing that captivates visitros, it is the countless cabins and lodgings scattered around the river banks that guarantee guests they will hear the water flowing night and day, thus bewitching all those who come along in search of a well-deserved rest. These are the things this paradise known as Potrerillos has to offer.

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