Uspallata Uspallata

Historical for everything that happened during San Martín’s campaign, Uspallata is a small but picturesque mountain village well-known for the tourist attractions it treasures.

Travelers heading for famous Mount Aconcagua or the Chilean border will find at this urban settlement an ideal place to make a stop and go around its streets, enjoy its tree groves and be delighted by its historical monuments evoking the Liberator of the Andes and everything his deeds represented for Argentina and the American continent.

Various interesting sites for tourists may be accessed from Uspallata. Some of them include a colonial bridge over the Picheuta River, the petroglyphs at Mount Tunduqueral, the petrified monkey-puzzle trees in Darwin’s forest, the egg-shaped domes made of adobe dating from the eighteenth century and the village of Las Cuevas, located on the frontier.

Other well-known sites are Villavicencio Natural Water Reserve, Puente del Inca and the ruins of its old hot springs hotel and the monument of the Redeeming Christ, which beyond any doubt is one of the most important outings in the surroundings of this small district.

Coveted by mountaineers from the entire planet, Uspallata boasts the features of a small settlement offering a high summit to hit, in this case, Mount Aconcagua.

A must visit for those who wish to assert they have been to Mendoza.

Map Uspallata

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