Learning about Maipú’s Cuisine

“Love Maipú” is one of the slogans that have invaded the streets of this nice city. Its cuisine is beyond all doubt a way to apply, experience and live this feeling.

The cuisine in the City of Maipú invites everyone to be delighted by flavors and aromas typical of this country and especially from the Region of Cuyo and to enjoy new gastronomic experiences. Here are some of the options available:

The Cecchins in the Shade

In the outskirts of Maipú, on Manuel Saenz Street, lined by huge poplars, there appears one of the family wineries that have experienced the biggest development in the last few years as far as growing and making organic wines is concerned. Bearing the name Familia Cecchin, this site is also well-known for its lunch specialties.
A la sombra (In the Shade) is a restaurant that was put together under the shade of a hundred-year-old tree standing in the center of a vineyard. Thus, customers may have a meal all surrounded by grapes. Signature cuisine boasts starters whose exotic features and diversity get all palates ready for pasta or meat in sauce. And when it comes to desserts, there are no words. All dishes are enhanced with a touch of wine and invite to linger on talking after eating or having a cup of coffee in a really unique site.

López Wineries for Lunch

  • The Cecchins in the Shade

    The Cecchins in the Shade

  • López Wineries

    López Wineries

  • Arena Maipú

    Arena Maipú

  • Stories and Flavors

    Stories and Flavors

Famous for the quality of its wines and the history of several generations in the López family that have devoted their lives to this business, the winery has opened its gates to cuisine. Visitors to the City of Maipú may let themselves be carried away by the aromas and flavors of one of the cradles of Argentinian wine.
There are two menus everyone praises: Casona López and Rincón Famoso. They both offer onion cream soup accompanied by toasted focaccia and then give way to tenderloin sprinkled with fresh and pine mushroom sauce, accompanied with small potatoes wrapped up in smoked bacon and green mix.
After matching these dishes with some of the excellent wines made at the winery, there comes dessert. A spiral cake with milk jam on a dark chocolate mattress is the perfect finale and invites customers to go on chatting in the company of wine.

Arena Maipú, Restaurants like in Las Vegas

Inside Arena Maipú – Casino Resort there is a group of restaurants that makes up a gastronomic offer in this fancy venue.
It is possible to have lunch or dinner while enjoying the show presented by big national and international stars, observing the casino and the facilities of Esplendor Hotel, one of the most eye-catching in the entire Province of Mendoza.
With an indescribable winery that treasures the most important labels and vintages, its regional and international signature cuisine invites both hotel guests and visitors to taste the delicacies served at its tables.

Stories and Flavors, a Site to Fall in Love

Lying in the surroundings of Maipú, more precisely in the area known as Coquimbito, this “boutique general store” invites everyone to taste its liqueurs, chocolates, beverages and pickles and stay longer to share a while with the hosts under the shade of the vines or the trees that ornament the estate.
Visited by young travelers, many customers come along by bicycle on some tour around the local wineries.
This small venue is ideal to enjoy tea or some of the outstanding liqueurs produced there, accompanied by homemade sandwiches and garnishes that undoubtedly delight all first-comers with their magical taste.

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Historias y Sabores

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Arena Maipú

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Bodega López

Ozamis 375 - Gutierrez, Maipú, Mendoza, Agentina

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