Godoy Cruz

Godoy Cruz Godoy Cruz - Photos: Municipalidad de Godoy Cruz

Godoy Cruz is the capital of the district bearing the same name and is part of the urban cluster of Greater Mendoza. Even if it occupies a small area, this is one of the most densely populated cities in the province.

Visitors to Godoy Cruz may rescue the rich history of this city responsible for the good fame of Argentinian wine in the world.

Its most representative buildings include the Casino of Mendoza, Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba Sports Club, the hundred-year-old Plaza Cinema and Theater and the modern Palmares Open Mall, one of the most beautiful in the city.

Even if Godoy Cruz is well-known for its wineries and this legacy has been passed on from generation to generation, other family businesses have been devoted to the elaboration of original products based on olive oil, thus managing to make olives as important as grapes themselves in this area.

Every Holy Week, thousands of believers come along from the entire country to take part in the religious pilgrimage of the "Stations of the Cross" or "Vía Crucis", which starts at the chapel of Our Lord of Health.

A group of craftsmen is in charge of tinting the main square at Godoy Cruz in different hues every weekend. This green space is surrounded by Rivadavia and Colón Streets and all kinds of objects and cultural activities for the young are available at this venue.

Beer has also come to occupy a significant position in this district and both breweries and modern pubs have been settled at this beautiful city. As a result, enthusiasts of this ancient beverage have found their own space in a city with a wine tradition.

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