San Martín

San Martín San Martín

The City of San Martín is one of the most important urban settlements in the Province of Mendoza and its name pays tribute to the Liberator of our Homeland. Located in the center north of the province, just half an hour away from the City of Mendoza, this picturesque district is an invitation to enjoy its rich geographical features and its extraordinary culture and history.

Head of the district, San Martín lies within one of the most significant winegrowing regions in Argentina, and it features the largest number of vineyards and wineries in the province.

In addition to the classic visits to the wineries including wine-tasting sessions that make up the Wine Route Tour, other tourist activities include recreational and adventure alternatives.

The various first-class accommodation options and the perfect cuisine accompanied by the best wines from Mendoza have made this destination one of the most popular among visitors to the Region of Cuyo.

History enthusiasts find in this city a possibility to learn about General San Martín’s heroic deeds in the early nineteenth century, whose traces can be appreciated at museums as well as in other sites that have been declared of historical interest and may be accessed by tourists today.

Culture, history and nature. San Martín proposes a memorable journey back in time after which travelers will return to this delightful city and enjoy it.

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