Tupungato Tupungato - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

Geographically located in the Uco Valley, the City of Tupungato is the starting point for all kinds of tourist activities, including adventure travel such as mountaineering, angling or horse-riding, as well as contemplative outings like winery tours, hiking or a simple city tour.

Known as the Argentinian Nut and High Wines Capital, Tupungato is worth a visit that will dazzle all visitors as they discover the beauty and progress of the Valley, just 86 kilometers away from the City of Mendoza.

The most important buildings surround the main square, namely: the Civic Center, the Town Hall, the local Church, the old Profesor Dionisio Chaca School and Mr. Ernesto Piaggi, MD’s house. He is one of the most renowned characters in the city.

The figure of General José de San Martín is celebrated throughout the urban settlement and this is evident in several monuments and water fountains where respect and tribute are paid to his glorious heroic deeds in the Andes.

The main avenue, called Belgrano, is the meeting point to enjoy a cup of coffee or find out what is happening in the rest of this winery estate made up by Tupungato, Villa San Carlos and Tunuyán.

During its 150 years of life, this city and its surroundings have been devoted to the countryside and the vineyards. The mild climate and the richness of the soil have given origin to matchless plantations of nuts, fruit and especially grapevines, which provide the raw material for the winegrowing and canned fruit industries to develop.

Some family wineries have remained inside the historical shell of Tupungato, whereas others lie minutes away. They all offer different guided tours options for visitors to see the winemaking process and, of course, taste this ancient beverage.

Accommodation in rural venues and estancias, cabins and small inns have lured travelers to stay for the night. In addition, the gastronomic diversity available in the area ensures Tupungato has everything we need to stay longer.

The views of the city are incredible. The highest peaks of the Andes as well as the famous Tupungato Volcano, on the Mendoza and Chilean border, are seen from the streets.

Map Tupungato

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