General Alvear

General Alvear General Alvear - Photos: Municipalidad de General Alvear

General Alvear is located in the south of the Province of Mendoza and it is the head of the district bearing the same name. Its geographical features are ideal for the development of agricultural and livestock tasks and this is remarkably influenced by the Atuel River, which irrigates the area.

This is a strategic and privileged point as it is part of what is known as one of the routes of Mercosur, used to carry products from Mendoza to Brazil.

Activities such as hiking, mountain biking and canoeing may be practiced at General Alvear. Likewise, its surroundings are perfect to visit estancias, enjoy educational camping sites or agricultural tourism at rural estates, even spending the night at these venues.

The most outstanding tourist attractions include a visit to Pozo Azul, a natural mineral water reserve reached through a scene made up by hills and creeks of incredible beauty.

Picardo Mines are another must visit in the city. This place explains the golden age of the railway and the intense mining activity carried out in the area until almost 1940.

Another exceptional destination in the city is the winery known as Bodega Faraón, founded in 1905. It houses the Wine Regional Museum, which shelters and displays various elements that would be used in the past to make the ancient beverage and even Egyptian hieroglyphics that give account of the same process.

Besides, General Alvear has the largest indoor sports center in the Province of Mendoza and it undoubtedly is one of the reasons for the local denizens to feel proud.

Map General Alvear

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