Cañón del Atuel - Valle Grande

Cañón del Atuel - Valle Grande Cañón del Atuel - Valle Grande - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio

The Atuel Canyon area is mostly considered as the best holiday destination in Mendoza. Those of us who chose to be more rational believe this is one of the most appropriate sites in this province of Cuyo to practice adventure sports such as rafting, horseback riding, fishing, paragliding, rock climbing and hiking.

Half an hour away from the neighboring City of San Rafael (less than 40 kilometers away), geographical features become whimsical and the Atuel River runs on an endless bed full of bends, falls and rapids that make this waterway a paradise for rafting enthusiasts.

As a result of all these attractions, cabins, inns, apartments and hotels have been settled down on its shores maintaining a balanced relationship with nature and also providing various options for tourists to enjoy.

A large part of these beauties are located alongside the river and that is why a ride around the Atuel Canyon is a must when it comes to getting to see the various formations carved by the wind and the rain for thousands of years.

There are many different shapes that give way to more than one interpretation. Some of the traces nature has left here include the wax museum, the presidents armchair, the alligator, the grandparents, the monsters, the small charming city, the beggar and the monks.

The river course leads to Valle Grande Reservoir, one of the most delightful views in this site. This water body boasts incredible concrete walls and it features incredible sights of the Atuel Canyon and the reservoir itself, which presents white sandy beaches, rocky areas and indescribable peninsulas.

Cañón del Atuel - Valle Grande

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