Southern Mendoza

San Rafael (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)San Rafael (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
The geographical features of Southern Mendoza offer the chance to practice demanding sports. Lush mountain scenes and Valle Grande compete with the Atuel and Diamante Rivers in San Rafael to offer their natural features for the practice of rafting, windsurfing, kayaking, hiking, horse riding, enduro and 4W driving. A little more than 200 kilometers stand between the Capital City, which also boasts wineries and olive oil venues.

In the area of Malargüe, lying about 400 kilometers from the capital, adventure travel is practiced in its provincial parks (La Payunia, Llancanelo Pond, Pincheira Castles and the Witches’ Cavern). Angling, bird-watching, canoeying and rafting are but some of the usual practices that lure many tourists. Besides, there are bountiful legends and popular stories and geologic as well as paleontological sites of high cultural value may be visited in the area.

Very close to Malargüe, at the foot of the Andes, Las Leñas international ski resort becomes alive every winter with the first snowfalls.

Tours and Activities

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The Olive Road: Olives versus Oil

Whoever appreciates gourmet cuisine, and especially olive oil on their table, may get to learn the secrets of how it is made at this factory, which has been producing it for years.

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Champagne with a Bianchi Surname

Many wineries have opened their gates to visitors and now reveal how a grape cluster is turned into wine. We accepted an invitation to learn more about the transformation of fruit into champagne.

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The Atuel Canyon

A trip across the core of the mountain. We went on an excursion to the Atuel River Canyon and learnt everything about its formation. We visited the El Nihuil Dyke.

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Speleology: Descent to the Witches` Cavern

We practiced speleological tourism in one of the largest caves in Argentina. Surrounded by myths and legends, we enjoyed the strange formations contained in this place.

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Intimayu, Wines with an Inca Name

We toured around a young winery that is going through a stage of search for premium customized wines. “Tannins”, “reflections”, “hues”, “intensity”, “structure” are some of the technical words...

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Las Leñas

As for ski, the attraction has a name: the Las Leñas Valley. 200 km from San Rafael, it has excellent accommodation offers and matchless trails and snow quality, among other services.

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The Volcanoes in La Payunia Reserve

Volcanic cones and a vast flood basalt structure of various shades make up a surprising landscape when visiting La Payunia Provincial Reserve. Discover it with us.

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Rafting on the Salado River

Adrenaline in its purest state: we went river rafting down the Upper Salado River. An adventure to enjoy with the entire family amidst the vastness of the mountain range.

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A Tour around the City of Malargüe

We went on a sightseeing tour and visited the most attractive spots in the city. A tour to enjoy and learn about the idiosyncrasy of the people from Malargüe.

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