San Carlos

San Carlos - Photos: Eduardo EpifanioSan Carlos - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

Half an hour away from the capital of Mendoza, lies one of the oldest cities in the province: San Carlos.

Its name was taken from that of a fort raised to honor the then King of Spain, Charles III. However, some people also assert that it was named after Saint Charles Borromeo, who was declared religious patron of the community. His followers commemorate the memory of this saint every 4th of November.

History goes that only two years passed since the foundation of the fort for the settlement to become Villa de San Carlos, in 1772.

Located inside the Uco Valley, this simple urban settlement invites everyone to behold, go for long walks and discover some must visit sites such as its main street, namely: Eugenio Bustos, where all its commercial activities take place.

Its main tourist attractions include Fort San Carlos Museum, where vestiges of the old Spanish fort that gave birth to the town may be observed.

Another historical episode that took place in the city was the encounter of General José de San Martín with local native chiefs before crossing onto Chile with the Army of the Andes.

Neyú Mapú is an outdoor amphitheater the local denizens take pride in and enjoy during all festivals and events celebrated in the city. Some of them are the Provincial Tradition Festival and the Local Grape Harvest Festival.

The estates located in this zone are open to visitors, who can visit the family wineries that have been settled down in the valley and have been making the best malbec in the world for decades.

Grapevines have been the source of income at this location for generations. The mild climate, the height and the unique features of this soil have managed unthinkable wines.

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