The Wine and Olive Spa: Kumelkan

Arena Maipú – Casino Resort houses Kumelkan, Wine & Olive Spa, where treatments based on local products, among which wine and olive stand out, are offered.
Much is said in Argentina about new trends in beauty treatments, including some of the novel formulas that have revitalized those who have tried them. Many beauty and esthetic centers have started to incorporate innovative products that manage ideal sensations not only to embellish the body but also to make us feel better and better every day.

Wine and olive-based treatments have become a classic in the Cuyo area, especially in Mendoza, where a series of spas have incorporated diverse ways to use these products.

We were lucky enough to visit Kumelkan, Wine & Olive Spa, a spa and relax center that works inside Esplendor Hotel, in Arena Maipú Resort.

At that venue, one of the specialists started to tell us about the benefits of both treatments and the history of this site that has become one of the major attractions in the city. Not only is it visited by the hotel guests, but also by diverse celebrities that reach Maipú especially to try some of these treatments.
  • Hydrotherapy Circuit

    Hydrotherapy Circuit

  • Special for friends

    Special for friends

  • Heated indoor pool

    Heated indoor pool

  • Hot mountain stones

    Hot mountain stones

  • From vineyard to skin

    From vineyard to skin

  • Jacuzzi


  • Devices of last generation

    Devices of last generation

Wine Therapy, Maroon Pleasure

The benefits of wine therapy are varied. It is known that red wine and its extract may be used for diverse cosmetic products, as it is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that delay face aging and improve skin elasticity and softness. Likewise, they increase cellular vitality.

In order to show this, they filled one of the tubs with organic wine produced in the region. Afterwards, one of the young girls from the spa got ready to take a bath in order to show us what this treatment consists in.

“The sensation and aromas of wine completely relax the entire body”, she said before closing her eyes. In a matter of seconds, the whirlpool started and after a few minutes, our friend got out of the tub and dried her body.

A Jewel Called Olive

Just like wine, products based on extra virgin olive oil and the extract of the leaves of the same plant possess a high content of polyphenols, which act as antioxidants and also reduce the skin aging process.

Another therapy in the spa is centered on the use of olive-based products. Face treatments, facial cleansing, body massage and rest, which consists in receiving the aroma of olives for a while, which turns out to be remarkably relaxing.

Massage sessions with these products are requested by most visitors who come along to this resort and choose to spend one day at the spa. Its services also include body treatments, massage, facials and, of course, the use of the indoor heated swimming-pool.
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General Manuel Belgrano 317, (5515) , Maipú, Mendoza
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