Valle de Uco

Valle de Uco Valle de Uco Wineries (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
One of the most fertile spaces in the Province of Mendoza, the soil conditions at Valle de Uco favor the evolution of excellent vineyards and fruit plantations. The climate features, its altitude and its proximity to the mountain range are factors premium wineries have taken into account in order to develop their activities. Wine, rural and cultural tourism as well as adventure travel have become consolidated on these grounds.

A total distance of 100 kilometers stands between the City of Mendoza and the valley. Various ways connect the capital of the province and the districts around the region. All of them boast incredible scenic beauty and thick tree groves, specially made up by poplars and plane trees from the wine-growing venues, may be spotted as the valley is approached.

The fact that they lie so close to one another is a prevailing element when it comes to choosing a destination. Showing off elegant architecture and neat infrastructure, the wineries have elevated the hierarchy of the valley based on the export wines produced there. They offer guided tours, wine tasting sessions and the chance to enjoy activities related to the tasks performed in the vineyards. Most of them serve lunch with several courses in charge of consecrated chefs, where exquisite dishes are matched with their premium wines.

The Cities of Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos have stood out ever since the arrival of the Jesuits, first, and the European immigrants in the early 1900s. The devotion for land work and wine-making comes from those days. The three cities have a life of their own. They are purely agricultural and their magnificent scenes, their sunny and warm days and their fresh nights are tightly associated to the attractions of the basin.

The valley is part of the path San Martín used when he crossed the Andes. Furthermore, the crossing had a special episode at the site known as Manzano Histórico (Historical Apple Tree).

National Route 40 and Provincial Routes 89, 86 and 94 are part of a green intertwining view that captures those who search for the peace typical of vineyards and the adrenaline guaranteed by adventure tours in the mountain. Visiting Valle de Uco means going along rocky paths and meltdown creeks.

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