A few kilometers away from the capital of the province, lies the District of Guaymallén. One of the oldest in the entire province, it is part of what we know as Greater Mendoza.

Guaymallén is the name given to this small city to tribute an outstanding chief that used to dwell these lands. It features urban and rural attractions that captivate visitors to this beautiful city.

The vine is also a source of work and culture in this zone. In addition to wineries and guided tours, adventure travel proposals have been developed for tourists.

Besides the new entrepreneurs, gastronomic venues have been modernized and become avant-garde throughout the entire City of Mendoza.

Everything from traditional restaurants to food yards, pubs, restós and wineries summon visitors as well as locals every weekend year round.

Accommodation includes apartment hotels, hostels and new alternatives to spend the night and especially to meet people. Maybe that is the reason why Guaymallén has come to be one of the most popular destinations among young people when it comes to planning a trip to the mountains.

Art, culture, cinemas and theaters, as well as everything that represents rural life may be enjoyed minutes away from Mendoza, in a small urban settlement that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Map of Guaymallén