Tunuyán Tunuyán - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

The beauty of Tunuyán is evident especially in the fascinating sights of the Cordón de Plata and the Andes Mountain Ranges. The first imposing scene is seeing how the famous National Route 40 changes all of a sudden into the main avenue of this dynamic and cosmopolitan city in Uco Valley, in the Province of Mendoza.

San Martín Avenue surprises visitors with its intense traffic and the great number of local denizens that walk along it in tune with the rhythm of commercial life and public offices in the city. A remarkably vertiginous pace.

Two squares face each other on said venue: José de San Martín and José León Torres, along with the old parish Our Lady of Carmen.

Pedestrian Carlos Pellegrini Street is ideal to grab a cup of coffee at any time. It widens across San Martín Avenue and becomes a perfect place to sit at one of tables in the coffee shops and restaurant tables in the street.

Tourism is evident both in the city and its surroundings. The Tunuyán River and other waterways are in harmony with the mountain and the landscapes of the Andes, whose microclimates captivate visitors. This is certainly a city to be appreciated year round.

Rock-climbing, paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, visits to wineries, hiking and horseback rides are some of the activities awaiting tourists who choose Tunuyán as a destination.

Map Tunuyán

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