Maipú Maipú - Photos: Pablo Etchevers

Just 15 kilometers away from the City of Mendoza, there lies the coquettish City of Maipú, whose winery tradition is scattered by new family tourist undertakings.

Some of the most outstanding are devoted to the Olive Road, as well as the tour around the new family wineries, many of which are now focused on cuisine and the production of organic wine.

Founded on March 31, 1861 by don José Alberto de Ozamis and friar Manuel Apolinario Vázquez, these two visionary men had to struggle against a big earthquake that hit the area that year, more precisely on March 20.

The climate in Maipú is arid and temperate, with warm trends. This has a direct influence on the crops, mostly vines. However, plenty of irrigation ditches carry water everywhere around these lands.

The Wine Road is another attraction in the city. Year after year, the traditional circuits to visit the wineries are completed with new alternatives, for instance: going on a bicycle tour.

The Olive Road has definitely been a wise move in the city. Visitors to various family enterprises can learn everything about olives and their by-products, among which the highly coveted olive oil stands out.

But if there is a turning point in the life of Mendoza, that is the creation of Arena Maipú Resort and the majestic Hotel Esplendor. This is a unique site usually referred to as Las Vegas in Argentina, where casino, restaurants, convention rooms, spa, cinema and a stadium for live shows invite everyone to have never-ending fun.

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