Tourism in Mendoza

Cacheuta hot springs, Province of Mendoza - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio

Cacheuta hot springs, Province of Mendoza - Photo: Eduardo Epifanio

The charms of the Province of Mendoza can be experienced and enjoyed year round: its natural beauties and the vastness of its mountains, its famed wineries and its excellent wines, and its well-known Grape Harvest Festival, held in March every year.

As a result of the development and expansion of the wine-growing sector internationally, the most important wineries open their gates to visitors and offer high-hierarchy wine tours. The idea is to show them the daily routine necessary to make the best products, including the renowned Malbec.

No matter what cardinal point is chosen, Mendoza has everything. To the North, the high country circuit is an invitation to find mythical Mount Aconcagua and all the paths and nooks that lead to the highest summit in America.

To the South, the thriving and always new Cities of San Rafael and Malargüe summon the entire family through recreational activities and adventure sports in natural scenes such as rivers and reservoirs, lately populated by cabins and lodgings for all tastes.

In the City of Mendoza and its surroundings, regions such as Luján de Cuyo, Maipú and Chacras de Coria make up a tourist mixture located a few minutes away from the urban shell. A little farther away, the areas of Potrerillos and Valle de Uco also offer several tour alternatives. Along with San Martín´s Circuit, they show tourists that, in addition to good wine, this province of Argentina boasts a rich history and a fascinating culture that is evident also in its present.

Featured Attractions

The Aconcagua

Unquestionable icon in the Andes Mountain Range and Argentina, Mount Aconcagua, located in the Province of Mendoza, is one of the world most famous mountains and visitors from all corners of our planet come along to climb it.

It does not matter what route is chosen to hit the summit or whether it is actually hit or not. The Aconcagua, its preparations, anecdotes, successes and failures treasure a very special kind of magic, hard to find in any other natural attraction.

Valle de Uco

Valle de Uco is the productive heart of a shire devoted to premium wine-making. It boasts a sensational climate with plenty of sunshine. That is why driving along its roads is a pleasure that must be part of a visit to Mendoza.

The wineries follow one another on Provincial Route 89, also known as "The Wine Road". New wineries with cutting-edge technology and a great capital investment have developed in this area.

Las Leñas Ski Resort

One of the highest and most modern ski resorts in Argentina lies a few kilometers away from the City of Mendoza. Its name is Las Leñas. Ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers, Las Leñas offers 17,500 hectares distributed into a series trails accessed through different lifts.

The most experienced skiers will have the chance to ski at night, along 2,000 meters of illuminated trails.

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