Corredor Cuyo

The region of Cuyo contains the Provinces of Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan and La Rioja. It has a varied topography, surrounded by sites of historical interest, which maintain countless memories of San Martín's epic.

Agrotourism in ancient wineries and vineyards enables visitors to get to know the multiple flavors and aromas used in the production of excellent wines known worldwide.

Also, paleontological tourism is another alternative at the Ischigualasto Provincial Natural Park, where the Valle de la Luna (valley of the moon) is located: a must for its wild landscape and its historical richness.

The urban centers are a conjunction of antiquity and modernity. Narrow streets, low buildings, museums, monuments, churches and convents make contrast with dynamic commercial centers. One of this cities, Mendoza, is the most important one in western Argentina.

Winter sports are displayed in the cold mountain slopes in Las Leñas Valley and Los Penitentes, ski resorts that attract skiers from all round the world.

The area of Mount Aconcagua and Tupungato and the plentiful rivers coming from the Andes are ideal for adventure travel and high mountain sports. Photographic safaris, mountain biking, paragliding, hiking, horse-riding, rafting and 4WD are some of the activities visitors can participate in, as well as the practice of nautical sports and sport fishing in dams and reservoirs.

Numerous hot springs with remarkable therapeutic properties complete the tourist offer of this area.

Featured Attractions

Mount AconcaguaMount Aconcagua

Unquestionable icon in the Andes Mountain Range and Argentina, Mount Aconcagua, located in the Province of Mendoza, is one of the most famous mountains. Visitors from all corners of our planet come along to climb it.

The mountain is part of Aconcagua Provincial Park, visited by 6,000 to 7,000 people every season. It is open from December thru March, as the summer months are the best to attempt climbing up to its summit.

Valley of the MoonValley of the Moon

Ischigualasto Provincial Park is better known as Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). This strange clay formation, with a great variety of hues, shapes and different layers of mineral and sediments, provides a glimpse of the Earth evolution in the Triassic Period.

A huge lake surrounded by lush vegetation, where a great variety of plants grew and an incredible amount of animals prospered, would be a desert today with very little rain, strong winds and high temperatures.

Las LeñasLas Leñas

One of the highest and most modern ski resorts in Argentina lies a few kilometers away from the City of Mendoza. Its name is Las Leñas.

Featuring a commercial center and an institutional museum that unveils the history of the valley, Las Leñas also provides a wide array of services year round.

First-class accommodation and gastronomy, both on the mountain and the base, ski and snowboarding schools have turned Las Leñas into a winter classic in Argentina. A memorable destination that is reaffirmed year after year.

Map of Corredor Cuyo