Contemplative Tourism

<i>Paseo de la Historieta</i> in San Telmo

<i>Paseo de la Historieta</i>, in the historical neighborhood of San Telmo, pays tribute to the masters of humor and their creations: Mafalda, Clemente, Isidoro, Matías… and many others.

Contemplative Tourism

A Ride around Lezama Park

Located in the heart of the neighborhood of San Telmo, this zone has an endless past. Originated in the nineteenth century, it lodges the National Historical Museum and one of its most famous jewels, namely: the British Pub.

Contemplative Tourism

A Ride on the Metrobús

Traveling from the Recoleta Cemetery to the Obelisco has never been faster. Ever since the 9 de Julio Metrobús was established, Buenos Aires has adopted a new pace.

Contemplative Tourism

A Small Chalet Overlooking the Obelisk

We discovered the history of a curious chalet raised on the roof of a building on 9 de Julio Avenue.

Contemplative Tourism

A Tour around <i>Fileteado porteño</i>

There are two must-visits in the City of Buenos Aires. The people from 054 have elaborated a real treasure to enjoy the history and culture of the city.

Religious Tourism

A Visit to Glew to see Raúl Soldi's Frescos

Saint Anne's Parish in Glew is an ample of the greatness of Raúl Soldi. As soon as its doors are crossed, visitors start to understand the talented artist. And it lies just half an hour away from giant Buenos Aires.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Adventure, tango and Much More at the Delta

A tour around the Delta delights visitors with nature and <i>tango</i>. Unforgettable from every point of view.

Contemplative Tourism

An Unusual Afternoon on Bond Street

Avant-garde Bond Street Gallery has become a classic in the City of Buenos Aires. Here are some details that keep captivating visitors.

AdventureContemplative Tourism

Argentina Polo Day, every day of the year

Polo country better world, Argentina offers the possibility to practice during your stay in Buenos Aires. A luxury, designed for anyone who ever dreamed of being a polo player.

Contemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires, Cradle of Pope Francis

His Holiness, Pope Francis was born on March 13th, 2013 at the Vatican. Until then Jorge Mario Bergoglio had lived a full life since his birth in Buenos Aires.

Contemplative Tourism

Corrientes Avenue Never Sleeps

A tour along Corrientes Ave., axis of nightlife and cradle of memorable Argentinian artists.

Recreational TourismContemplative Tourism

Ecobici, the Best Means of Transport to Tour around the City

They are the best friends of those who wish to avoid the rush hour, work out and become disconnected from the hustle and bustle of hectic Buenos Aires.

Contemplative Tourism

Finding Caloi’s Clemente

A visit to the District of Adrogué lets us discover a neighborhood that lies close to the Federal District and has attributes of its own.

Contemplative Tourism

Five places to get lost in a book

Who says that this busy city many not have a quiet space? When people say that Buenos Aires has something for everyone, they are telling the truth. Here are some of the favorite sites for reading enthusiasts.

Contemplative Tourism

In San Telmo, <i>Galería del Asombro</i>

San Telmo offers attractions for all tastes. Such is the case of <i>Galería del Asombro</i>, ideal for the entire family, especially for sci-fi enthusiasts.

Contemplative Tourism

Joined by Football

Watching football has fortunately changed. Today, thousands of tourists from around the globe travel around in search of classics that do not belong to them but do catch their attention.

Popular Holidays

Museum Night in Buenos Aires

A cultural celebration held every year ever since 2004 invites visitors to go around the museums in the City of Buenos Aires under the moon and the stars.

Recreational Tourism

Puesto Viejo Estancia, A Tour around Argentina

Tourists may experience a wide array of recreational options and relax to enjoy Argentina minutes away from Buenos Aires. Horseback rides, polo games, hiking trails, bicycles, a swimming-pool and, of course, the Argentinian countryside.

Contemplative Tourism

Reserva Natural Otamendi

De muy reciente creación (1990), la Reserva Natural Otamendi se halla en el partido de Campana, provincia de Buenos Aires...

Religious Tourism

Sculpture of Sandro at the Gran Rex Theater

The sculpture of Sandro has been inaugurated on Corrientes Avenue: a tribute to the gypsy at the gates of the Gran Rex Theater.


Some Must-Visit Coffee Houses in Buenos Aires

Going back in time in Buenos Aires is quite easy, especially when it comes to a cup of coffee. Here is how to do it by visiting some of the most remarkable pubs in the city known as <i>La Reina del Plata</i>.

Contemplative Tourism

Stand-up at La Plaza: a new kind of theater with a cradle of...

What happens to you, what happens to me, what is not talked about anywhere else, that is what is dealt with here until tickets are sold out. All this and much more is stand-up comedy, a habit that has come to stay.

Contemplative Tourism

The Best Ten Streets to Shop

Shopping malls have come to stay and they have certainly displaced regular stores. However, some streets in town continue to set the trend when it comes to going shopping in the City of Buenos Aires. Let’s see which ones are still in fashion.


The Pizza Restaurants No One Should Miss in Buenos Aires

Whoever dares to say the best pizza in the world is Italian has never tasted pizza in Buenos Aires. This city is not just a synonym for the best meat and here is why.

Contemplative Tourism

There is Only One Reconquista

Capital of the celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th, Reconquista Street dazzles year round with its traditional pubs and its constant vacation atmosphere.

Contemplative Tourism

Urban art at <i>Pasaje Lanín</i> in <i>Barracas</i>

In the heart of <i>Barracas</i> in Buenos Aires City there is a small, unique alley, set apart from the neighborhood.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

When Buenos Aires Is Invaded by Zombies

This is a walking tour around downtown Buenos Aires carried out by a group of people who simulate a zombie apocalypse. Held every year in November...

Contemplative Tourism

Places to dance tango in Buenos Aires

<p>Tango describes the essence of Buenos Aires. Some of the most popular milongas show why tango is a favorite ride in Buenos Aires.</p>

Contemplative Tourism

200 Years Are Nothing

The celebration of the 200 years of our motherland was a real popular festival unlike no other.

Contemplative Tourism

What Things Were Like in 1810

When the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata was constituted, Buenos Aires was the most populated city in the country that was about to emerge.


<i>Café</i> Tortoni

<i>Café</i> Tortoni, the most traditional place in the City of Buenos Aires, was established on Mayo Avenue, a very different avenue from the one we all know today.

Contemplative Tourism

A Tour around the Recoleta Cemetery

Though many will not dare to take this kind of tour, visiting cemeteries leads to learning about a logical line of thought unlike the one we are immersed in today.

Contemplative Tourism

Around Buenos Aires by Cable Car

Nowadays, it is still possible to travel by cable car. Buenos Aires has a series of old cars which date back to a past when everything was slower. The good old times.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

BAFICI 2020: Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival

A ride (and a half) around a new edition of the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival.

Contemplative Tourism

Boca vs. River, River vs. Boca

An unforgettable experience for football fans and, in fact, for anyone eager to live an intense derby: Boca vs. River.

Contemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires Chinatown

While visiting the neighborhood of Belgrano, we toured around what is known as Chinatown: a space for cultural exchange.

Contemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires Has its Own Bus

A two-and-a-half-hour tour in the open air let us see the <i>porteño</i> lifestyle: how citizens move and how they welcome tourists.

Contemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires Historic Quarter

At weekends, when the motor vehicle traffic fades away and business time is over, downtown Buenos Aires appears to calm down and the treasure which has always been in the same place comes to light...

Contemplative TourismBoating

Buenos Aires on a sailing boat

The Yacth Club keeps in her interiors a fascinating world of sailors, legends. A visit to this shelter for sailing boats us to set sail across the widest river in the world on board the sailing boat called Smile

Contemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires Zoo

At one of the most important junctions in the Federal District, we found one typical city attraction: the Buenos Aires Zoo, a distinctive site where children and grown-ups may stroll about amidst the animals.

Contemplative Tourism

Cemetery at Recoleta

Recoleta Cemetery concentrates prestigious art and architecture masterpieces raised in honor of traditional families and distinguished characters in Argentinian history that lie there.

Horse RidingContemplative Tourism

Come and Play Polo for a Day

Is it possible to learn how to play polo in Argentina in only one day? Yes, it is. And it may turn into a memorable experience. Minutes away from Buenos Aires, Polo Experience invites us into this world ruled by horses...

Popular Holidays

Festival de Baradero 2020

Cuando llega Febrero, la pequeña ciudad de Baradero se viste de fiesta y de tradición para dar lugar a uno de los espectáculos más importantes de cada verano.

Contemplative Tourism

Julio Cortázar Square (“Serrano”) Day and Night

Still known by <i>porteños</i> as Serrano Square, Julio Cortázar Square is the heart of Palermo Viejo. In the daytime, visitors are lured by design and handicrafts; at night, by its pubs and restaurants.

Contemplative Tourism

Mafalda is Back in San Telmo

At a traditional corner of San Telmo, a well-deserved tribute is paid to Mafalda and to Quino, her creator. This popular character is visited and photographed steps away from the house...

Contemplative Tourism

National Library: Tour and History at Recoleta.

One of the most peculiar buildings in Buenos Aires shelters the National Library. On a charming corner of the neighborhood of Recoleta, we visited the house of books.

Contemplative TourismFishing

San Miguel del Monte: on <b>Gauchos</b> and <b>Pejerreyes</b>

San Miguel del Monte is a district of livestock tradition and one of the oldest towns in the Province of Buenos Aires. Its beautiful lagoon, dwelled by large specimens of <i>pejerrey</i> (neotropical silverside)...

Contemplative Tourism

Sculpture Promenade and <i>Floralis Generica</i>

At the elegant Recoleta neighborhood, close to Francia Square, the Fine Arts National Museum and the Law College, we found an outdoor sculpture promenade and the great <i>Floralis Generica</i>.

Contemplative Tourism

Street Theater at Abasto

A tour around the Abasto area hand in hand with a company of actors invited us on a journey back in time to the neighborhood where Carlos Gardel used to live.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

The Book Fair, reading Festival

The 2018 Book Fair will take place in La Rural venue, in Buenos Aires. This is the 44th issue of this famous event in the city.

Contemplative Tourism

The Buenos Aires Japanese Garden

In a nook of Buenos Aires, close to the Palermo Rosebush Promenade, we found a green exotic space where Japanese culture is in bloom.

Contemplative Tourism

The Colón Theater

According to experts, this is the best theater in the world to listen to opera. This year, more precisely on May 25, 2008, it turned 100 years old.

Contemplative Tourism

The Palace of Justice

One of the most important institutional spaces in Argentina opens up its gates to the public through guided tours that show them round the past...

Contemplative Tourism

United Buddy Bears in Buenos Aires

We went to San Martín Square, in the area known as <i>microcentro porteño</i>, in order to see the traveling show called United Buddy Bears, which visited Argentina in March 2009.

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to the <i>Cabildo</i> Yard

A yard from old times: trapped between avenues and large buildings, this space has been recovered in favor of green and handicrafts and it offers a place to rest in the nerve center of the city.

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to the <i>Casa Rosada</i>

At weekends, when officials have their day off, tourists may tour the hallways of the Pink House.

Contemplative Tourism

Caminito, With an Oil Aroma

La Boca is a <i>tango</i> of wet cobbles and calico skies painted in many colors. It is going back to the past in order to remember or forget, as you like it. Caminito is one the traditional destinations for tourism in Buenos Aires.

Contemplative TourismAdventure

Buenos Aires from a Sailing Boat

On board a rapid sailing boata cruise, the city offers various alternatives to enjoy its coast sceneries.

Religious TourismContemplative Tourism

City Tour around Capital Federal

The Autonomous city of Buenos Aires is world wide known due to its strong cultural contrasts which come out in the varied architecture present in historical buildings, monuments, museums, theatres...

Contemplative Tourism

Step by Step around Buenos Aires

Walking around a city gives you the incomparable pleasure of wandering and allows you to explore the whole universe along its streets.

AviationContemplative Tourism

From Buenos Aires to Tigre by Helicopter

A few minutes away from the City of Buenos Aires, Tigre and its delta leads us deep into a natural scenery where the thickness of the shrubland is embraced by various channels of reddish waters.

Contemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires’ Domes

Looking upwards in a city where everything takes place horizontally is not a waste of time. A vast architectural show has been waiting for years for the look of those who pass by...

Contemplative Tourism

Many-sided Recoleta

There is not only one Recoleta. This is a place that has managed to combine a cocktail of attractions that turn it into a mandatory destination when it comes to sightseeing around Buenos Aires.

Contemplative Tourism

Sailing Río de la Plata

An afternoon sailing across the Río de la Plata on board the Galileo Buenos Aires catamaran is a new alternative for a short ride from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Contemplative Tourism

Nothing Like a Horse-Drawn Carriage

For decades, the traditional carriages, horses and owners have left from Italia Square, to get immersed in the Palermo forests.

Contemplative Tourism

The Palermo Horseracing Track

Passionate like no other. Passional to the extent that many have lost everything “by one head” and very few have won.


A little bit of Jazz in Palermo

Fifteen gastronomic corners in the Palermo neighborhood offer their customers the possibility of having dinner in the company of very good live jazz music.

Mountain BikeContemplative Tourism

Buenos Aires by bicycle

A different Buenos Aires can be seen from a bicycle. The wind on our face and the cycling make the streets even more attractive in this city which hides secrets and stories.

Contemplative Tourism

Art in Buenos Aires Subways

Under the great city lies another city, as huge and ancient as the one on top. It keeps details that have remained in spite of the coming of modern times.

Contemplative Tourism

Market of San Telmo

Sunday is the day on which Dorrego Square dresses up as an old lady and waits for tourists to perform its show. A kind of magic that for years has turned this place into a classical of Sundays...


Paragliding Minutes away from the Obelisk

Although mankind was born without wings, it may come close to getting them. There is a new world still to be discovered less than one hour's drive away from Buenos Aires. Believe it or not.

Contemplative Tourism

Tren de la Costa, a Special Ride

The eleven stations of <span style="font-style: italic;">Tren de la Costa</span> showed us much more than a journey to Tigre, the end of the rail. The ride offers multiple forms of entertainment and enjoyment both for grown-ups and children...

AviationContemplative Tourism

Over the City by Helicopter

A very unusual view of the City of Buenos Aires may be experienced by tourists and <i>porteños</i>. Leaving from the Jorge Newbery Airfield...

Bird watchingContemplative Tourism

Temaiken, a Very Different Zoo

Only 50 kilometers away from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires lies Temaikèn Park. There, both grown-ups and children learn to respect biodiversity and preserve the environment through games.

Religious TourismContemplative Tourism

Holy Land, the First Religious Theme Park

Tierra Santa (Holy Land) is a theme park oriented to the different stages in the life of Jesus Christ, since His birth till His crucifixion and resurrection.

Contemplative Tourism

Christmas in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world to welcome Christmas. In December, it becomes magical. Do not miss this tour.

Contemplative Tourism

When the Countryside Reached the City

Buenos Aires was the venue for Cow Parade, which enabled us to have a close look at a cleverly popular artistic display that is going round the world and is now presented at Puerto Madero.

Contemplative Tourism

When the Hearts Invaded Buenos Aires

First, it was the cows. Then our beautiful Buenos Aires was invaded by hearts. The art shows embellish the city and invite passers-by to reflection.

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