Some Must-Visit Coffee Houses in Buenos Aires

Going back in time in Buenos Aires is quite easy, especially when it comes to a cup of coffee. Here is how to do it by visiting some of the most remarkable pubs in the city known as La Reina del Plata..
Café Tortoni
A tradition itself. It could not be anywhere else but on emblematic Mayo Avenue. Entering Café Tortoni is getting on a time machine to travel back in time to the golden days of Buenos Aires. It was the shelter of many prestigious artists, journalists and writers. An essential stop for a cup of coffee or to see some of its frequent tango shows.

El Gato Negro
Just looking at its windows we can realize this is not just a period coffee house. They certainly unveil a little part of its essence. With an excellent location on Corrientes Avenue, it invites everyone to make a stop at any time. At El Gato Negro, we can buy a wide range of varieties of loose-leaf tea as well as the traditional and outstanding spices that have reached the farthermost points in our country.

La Biela
Standing on the corner of Junín and Quintana Streets, in the neighborhood of Recoleta, the building housing La Biela used to be the meeting point for the Sports Cars Argentinian Association. The porteño aristocracy used to gather at this place to have a cup of coffee. Some of the usual customers were “Bitito” Mieres, the Formula 1 car racer, writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar, and even the King and Queen of Spain themselves.
  • Café de los Angelitos

    Café de los Angelitos

  • El Gato Negro

    El Gato Negro

  • La Biela

    La Biela

  • Las Violetas

    Las Violetas

  • With over one hundred years

    With over one hundred years

  • Vintage coffee

    Vintage coffee

  • Tea time

    Tea time

Some people are lured by its exquisite façade, featuring the right balance of shade and sunshine to provide a cozy environment both in the summer and the winter. Others prefer to visit its ample indoor space full of paintings that reveal the history of this venue. Customers enjoy breathing the same air as the remarkable visitors of the past.

Café de los Angelitos
This hundred-year-old coffee house is located on the corner of Rivadavia Avenue and Rincón Street. It used to be visited by the most brilliant tango artists in Argentina. Customers may relish not only a relaxed talk in the very same place Carlos Gardel used to, but also an extraordinary dinner served during one of the most renowned tango shows in the City of Buenos Aires.

Las Violetas
Tea time at Almagro neighborhood is a synonym for Las Violetas. Its traditional tea ceremony with fine delicacies, cakes and pies is one of the most selective options when it comes to celebrating someone’s birthday. It is very hard to find a table on Sundays and that means Las Violetas remains alive.

Agustina Sabaliauskas / Agustina Sabaliauskas

Useful Data

Bear in mind: Café Tortoni: 825, De Mayo Avenue- El Gato Negro: 1669, Corrientes Avenue - La Biela: 596, Pres. Manuel Quintana Avenue - Café de los Angelitos: 2100, Rivadavia Avenue - Las Violetas: 3899, Rivadavia Avenue

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