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Is it possible to learn how to play polo in Argentina in only one day? Yes, it is. And it may turn into a memorable experience. Minutes away from Buenos Aires, Polo Experience invites us into this world ruled by horses, mallets and the best players in the world.
While visitors extend their stay in Buenos Aires, they have several alternatives to enjoy not only the big metropolis but also its surroundings and the practice of numerous activities.

Worldwide known for the professionalism and hierarchy of its players, among who unparalleled Adolfo Cambiaso (considered by many the best player in history) stands out, polo may introduce us to a wonderful world. Specially thought for visitors to Buenos Aires, Polo Experience is a service that offers a one-day polo experience outdoors. Visitors may take a lesson and start becoming part of this fabulous world.

With an excellent door-to-door service, we were invited to share a program for lovers of polo in the company of a group of tourists staying at Buenos Aires. In a matter of minutes, we were getting away from the big city to be immersed in the philosophy of the Argentinian countryside and its people; more precisely, in the District of Cañuelas, in the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • A memorable experience

    A memorable experience

  • The good manners and experience

    The good manners and experience

  • The Best Polo in the World is Argentinian

    The Best Polo in the World is Argentinian

  • Horses, mallets and the best players in the world

    Horses, mallets and the best players in the world

Expectations, questions, concerns and eagerness were evident on all the faces that soon became real specialists in the subject. As we traveled along the road, we were imbued with polo magazines and the words of our guide on this fascinating sport.

We knew that the instructors were waiting for us on the field to give us a bilingual lesson and that, beyond our own familiarity with the world of horses, any of us could learn how to play.

Almost before we could notice, we had reached Cañuelas and were stepping on the facilities of a sophisticated private polo club, lying on Route 205, just one hour and fifteen minutes away from Buenos Aires.

Knowing smiles died out as the instructors gave the first guidelines. It was really fascinating. Everything from getting on the horse, how to hold the mallets and what a chucker is up to the strategies that would help us keep our look ahead as we concentrated on transporting the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

The good manners and experience of the instructors were evident. We gradually became familiar with the diversity of horses for the various levels of riding this club contemplates, ranging from beginners, going through us, up to professionals who have frequented this place for a long time.

Groups are rarely larger than 6 members. This shows the degree of selectivity of this kind of programs. After the lessons, if there are enough participants, matches may be organized between instructors and guests. An impressive experience indeed.

Once the game was over, it was time to enjoy. The happening resulted in a kind of welcome to this sport with a toast. After some glasses of champagne and tasting some refined finger food, we were given a series of photographs taken during the day so that we could share our adventure with our friends back home.

The Best Polo in the World is Argentinian

This is acknowledged by a wide range of tourists and visitors to our country who have heard about the Triple Corona (Triple Crown) and the three tournaments no one should miss: Palermo, Hurlingham and Tortugas. For all these reasons, Ba Sports & Tours invites everyone to attend these encounters and many other private professional matches every year to experience and enjoy the best polo in the world with first-class service.
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