Photo Gallery in Buenos Aires City

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Policromatica Boca La Boca Bridge Reviews from a time gone The jersey of honor Postal de Caminito Memory corridor Dancers in Caminito Drugstore at the <i>Bombonera</i> Republic of San Telmo Highway over the <i>Riachuelo</i> Behind the paintbrushes Colorful windows A corridor with memory Traditional <i>Caminito</i> corner Plaza de San Telmo Rosebush Promenade gardens The black-haired man in pastel Everything to enjoy Architectural details San Telmo Market To collect Plastic artist, street A sad feeling that is danced to On La Boca's walls Star partners La Babel de los libros Near the grass Bridge over the Rosebush Promenade waters Crystal at San Telmo's market Air view of la Boca Murals in <i>Caminito</i> La Boca Bridge La Boca's corner Art from La Boca Rowing across the <i>Riachuelo</i> Frigata Sarmiento and the river Walking down La Boca streets Number 10 portrayed in the streets Balconies in bloom City Tour en Bus Museum de Armas Murals in Caminito <i>Porteño</i> bar Passion to the rhythm of 2x4 Traditional streetlamp in Caminito Colors de La Boca Resting at Dorrego Square San Telmo Plaza San Telmo objects San Telmo's allegorical sign Gardel will pay for a drink Colorful barge on the <i>Riachuelo</i> Just like Gardel Magical colors of <i>Caminito</i>

Photo credits: Eduardo Epifanio (142) Jorge González (4) Santiago Gaudio (6) Pablo Etchevers (1) Marcelo Sola (5)

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