Ecobici, the Best Means of Transport to Tour around the City

Bicycles are starting to prevail in the City of Buenos Aires with the intention of becoming the main protagonists amidst the traffic.
Ever since 2010, visitors to the City of Buenos Aires have had a new public transport alternative which is becoming more and more popular among the so-called “Ecobici” (or ecobike).

This system consists in picking up a bike at any of the authorized stations distributed all around the Federal District. Citizens may access a bicycle for an hour and drop it off at a station located near their destination.

This system is gaining more and more followers. Stations are beginning to be automatic and they are open 24/7.
Any citizen who wishes to pick up a bike for the first time must sign up online or else make an appointment at communities 1, 4, 5, 6 or 14 bearing an ID card and a certificate that gives evidence of their address.
  • Distribution station

    Distribution station

  • Waiting for users

    Waiting for users

  • Bike lanes around town

    Bike lanes around town

  • Comfort and safety

    Comfort and safety

  • Bicycles ready for use

    Bicycles ready for use

  • Maps stations

    Maps stations

  • Marked paths

    Marked paths

However, these bicycles have not only been designed for the dwellers of Buenos Aires. Anyone can register just presenting their ID card.

Once the bicycle is accessed, cyclists may get deep into the scenes of this beautiful and complex city. Users should bear in mind that they must drop off the Ecobici at the station when one hour has passed or when they have reached their destination. (whatever happens first)
They may not only travel around the small narrow streets but also the main streets. This is possible as a result of the 140-kilometer-long cycle lane system.

When an Ecobici station is reached, a free map may be obtained by visitors so as to see the lanes specially designed for bikes that will lead them around the city in the safest possible way.

Buenos Aires dazzles and seduces at all seasons. There is no better way to travel around it than on a singular vehicle that is free and healthy at the same time.

Agustina Sabaliauskas / Agustina Sabaliauskas

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