There is Only One Reconquista

Capital of the celebrations of Saint Patrick’s day on March 17th, Reconquista Street dazzles visitors year round with its traditional pubs and its constant vacation atmosphere.
The memory of the site from which every office clerk wished to escape after a hard day has been left behind. The City of Buenos Aires changes and the porteño bank district is one of the main focuses of this transformation. The streets featuring a sign reading “pedestrian priority” have caused the area to become more relaxed, turning it into a site of enjoyment where visitors can feel a sense of belonging whether for business or pleasure.

Cars are giving way to cycle lanes and pedestrians in the busy narrow streets of the downtown. Among all these streets, there is one that stands out and is the Mecca of after-office hours: Reconquista.

Rarely can we see a vehicle on this street. Its sidewalks have been widened and its pavement leveled. As a result, coffee-houses and restaurants set their tables on the pavement, thus creating a perfect setting to enjoy a summer evening.
  • Pedestrian priority

    Pedestrian priority

  • Constant vacation atmosphere

    Constant vacation atmosphere

  • Summer nights

    Summer nights

  • Traditional pubs

    Traditional pubs

  • A break and relax in the bank district

    A break and relax in the bank district

Reconquista at Night

Alongside five blocks, Reconquista Street is the chosen site to have a break and relax in the bank district. Both at lunchtime or dinner time, each pub and restó will be packed with people in search of a pleasant atmosphere where they may become disconnected from the world and share laughter with friends.

This area glows after 6pm, as the porteños make a mandatory stop to enjoy the after office hours. This youthful and fresh environment invites visitors from all corners to relish a break at these pubs and feel as if they were local denizens.

The gastronomic proposal is quite complete. However, there is no doubt that the unquestionable protagonist is beer. Whether draft, imported, national, craft, pale, red, dark, it is a synonym for Reconquista in all its shades and forms. That is why this street is chosen by most porteños when it is time to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, on March 17.

Viamonte: Before and After

It starts at Rivadavia Avenue, at the emblematic Mayo Square. Nevertheless, whoever walks down the streets of Buenos Aires will know that Reconquista in fact starts level with Viamonte Street. Down Town Matías stands on such corner, at 701, to be more precise.

Settled in the country in 1973, this Irish pub and restaurant is typical of downtown Buenos Aires. Serving over 120 varieties of whiskey and offering happy hours for various kinds of drinks (from Monday thru Friday), this is one of the first options when it comes to choosing a place to enjoy.

The number of boards at the entrance of each pub shows the typical offers after 6 in the afternoon. Workers change their surroundings in a matter of minutes, transforming the computer into a relaxing preview of the weekend.

Reconquista’s Focus

The corner of Reconquista and Marcelo T. de Alvear Streets is undoubtedly the trendiest, with its traditional Irish pub called “The Kilkenny”, and its neighboring “Porto Pirata”.

Paying attention to detail, The Kilkenny has all the features that may transport visitors to distant Ireland. With sturdy wood, hard worked furniture and exquisite details, this pub is one of the best as far as this theme is concerned.

Customers may sit inside, where they will have to choose between a bar that seems to have been taken from an English movie and its boxes with leather seats and traditional deep-buttoned designs, which provide more privacy.

Those who wish to enjoy the nightlife of Buenos Aires may choose to sit outdoors to make contact with the climate of Reconquista. The Kilkenny is the first pub in Latin America holding the franchise for a highly prestigious and traditional Irish dark beer. That is why this is the seat of enthusiasts of this beverage.

Close to this Irish pub, Porto Pirata is visible at the distance. Why? Because of the great number of tables packed with groups of friends and their traditional meter of beer. This pub has a different atmosphere. Its outside area is the most popular on Reconquista Street.

“Whether you come along with a group of co-workers after work or just with one, at Porto Pirata you will always be surrounded by friends!”, exclaimed a regular customer.

Enjoying a pleasant moment in the porteño bank district is more than possible. The tables on the sidewalks, the glorious sunsets and the tower called Torre de los Ingleses in the background help this street take us back to former times, make us become disconnected from routine and give us joy. Everything is happiness and laughter at Reconquista Street, where everyday is a Friday.
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