Finding Caloi’s Clemente

A visit to the District of Adrogué lets us discover a neighborhood that lies close to the Federal District and has attributes of its own. That was our destination, where we discovered one of the most beloved and endearing characters of graphic humor in Argentina: the unforgettable Clemente.
The neighborhood of Adrogué, located in the southern area of Greater Buenos Aires, has been considered one of the most prolific districts of Argentinian culture in the last few years.

Outstanding celebrities like writer Jorge Luis Borges or cartoonist Carlos Loiseau (Caloi) have expressed that while they lived in this city, Adrogué was a source of inspiration for many of their creations. That is why they have always felt highly affectionate for this place.

At present, the district preserves the same features, as it has managed to combine modern construction styles with the old architectural traits typical of its foundation in 1870. Some of them include the cobbled streets intertwined with countless diagonal streets and converge at various squares, along with the great deal of trees and the ancient style boasted by many of its houses.
  • The unforgettable Clemente

    The unforgettable Clemente

  • A small square with his name

    A small square with his name

  • The railway station

    The railway station

  • Prolific Location

    Prolific Location

  • An unconventional statue

    An unconventional statue

  • The Municipality of Almirante Brown

    The Municipality of Almirante Brown

  • San Martín square

    San Martín square

As we went around the area, we spotted an unconventional statue that caught our attention immediately. Was it a dog? Or a mythological creature? What was it?

Clemente Square is located on the intersection of Brown Diagonal Street and Mitre Street. It is surrounded by many restaurants and pubs that invite visitors to come back and take photographs of the great protagonist at this place: brilliant Clemente.

Searching our memory and talking with old neighbors, we discovered the respect and love with which Caloi used to refer to his old Adrogué, the same city that over a decade ago raised a monument to honor his incredible career.
-And it was Clemente, the cartoonist’s most popular creation (which occupied the pages of Clarín newspaper ever since the 1970s until the author’s death in 2012), who was turned into a statue to immortalize its creator.

The best option to reach Adrogué is by train. General Roca Railway sets out at Constitución Square and heads for Alejandro Korn. The journey takes a little bit more than 20 minutes and gets past several famous districts from the suburbs, like Avellaneda, Lanús and Banfield.

However, there are other options. Buses 74, 79 or 160, also leaving from the City of Buenos Aires, reach this place. The journey might take more than one hour, though.

Whatever option is chosen, Clemente, Caloi and Adrogué are certainly worth a visit, any day of the week.

Clemente’s photograph? A must …
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