The Pizza Restaurants No One Should Miss in Buenos Aires

Whoever dares to say the best pizza in the world is Italian has never tasted pizza in Buenos Aires. This city is not just a synonym for the best meat and here is why.

El Cuartito: There is a reason why Maradona and Juan Manuel del Potro, among other outstanding sports people, have chosen it. Entering El Cuartito is entering a small museum whose walls are covered with photographs, Jerseys and banners signed by the most renown customers who ever had a meal there.

Güerrin: Getting past this venue at six in the afternoon means seeing over twenty men in a suit standing inside and eating pizza. As pizza is sold by piece at this place, everyone takes five minutes from their agenda to enjoy a snack. The thing is that, in addition to being full all day, Güerrin is a mandatory stop on Corrientes Avenue on the way home.

Las Cuartetas: Another classic on Corrientes Avenue and the Obelisco area, Las Cuartetas is one of the historic pizza restaurants related to the porteño revue theater. After every show, stars ended up eating pizza at one of its tables. This temple for pizza lovers in Buenos Aires offers three varieties: pizza al molde (thick pizza), media masa (intermediate) and a la piedra (really thin and cooked on the stone).

  • A small museum

    A small museum

  • Corrientes y Talcahuano

    Corrientes y Talcahuano

  • Corrientes 1502

    Corrientes 1502

  • Historical pizzerias

    Historical pizzerias

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    Selected athletes

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    Featured guests

Kentucky: Being in the market for over 70 years, it already has 22 branches throughout Buenos Aires. Though it may seem weird, it is usual to see customers at six in the morning on Sunday tasting these delicious pizza with mozzarella< cheese at the Plaza Italia branch. It only takes to grab one bite of this tempting food to understand this phenomenon.

Banchero: Another temple of pizza. After seeing a play at the theater, this pizza restaurant located on the corner of Corrientes Avenue and Talcahuano Street has been declared a “Site of cultural interest” by the government of the City of Buenos Aires. It is widely known that the first branch of Banchero -in the neighborhood of La Boca- claims the first fugazzeta pizza (which consists in a regular pizza crust topped with onions, ground black pepper, olive oil and mozzarella cheese) was created there.

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