Five places to get lost in a book

Who says that this busy city many not have a quiet space? When people say that Buenos Aires has something for everyone, they are telling the truth. Here are some of the favorite sites for reading enthusiasts.
Plaza Rayuela (Hopscotch Square)
It is known as “The Reader’s Square”. The local denizens assert that whoever wishes to enjoy a good book will find this the right place. Lying next to the National Library, on the corner of Las Heras Avenue and Agüero Avenue, this small friendly square is ideal to sit down and get lost inside the pages of a good book.

La Plaza de las Naciones Unidas (United Nations Square)
The proximity to the Law College may probably inspire concentration. Its trees are perfect for reading during a summer afternoon and its spacious lawn is the best place to lie down under the winter sunbeams. A bonus track: in the background, Floralis Genérica catches the eye of whoever needs a break from daily life.

“El Ateneo” Grand Splendid
Proclaimed as “the second most beautiful bookstore in the world” by the British newspaper The Guardian, it is impossible not to engage ourselves in reading inside this venue. A former theater, bookstore and coffee house. What an incredible combination! It opens at 1860, Santa Fe Avenue, from Mondays thru Thursdays from 9am to 10pm / Fridays and Saturdays from 9am till midnight.
  • “El Ateneo”

    “El Ateneo”

  • Places to get lost in a book

    Places to get lost in a book

  • Find a quiet space

    Find a quiet space

  • Plaza Francia

    Plaza Francia

  • National Library

    National Library

Plaza Francia (France Square)
Though its handicrafts market summons a great deal of people during the weekends, it is an oasis for readers during the week. Its green spaces, its shady benches and its cliffs are an ideal setting for reading enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a break from routine. The fall is the main protagonist.

Puerto Madero
This promenade by the river is a source of relax for those who wish to escape the urban hustle and bustle. Visitors may choose to walk on either side of the river, depending on whether they wish to enjoy the sunshine or the shade.

And there are even more nooks to get immersed in a book. There is a favorite one for every reader.

Agustina Sabaliauskas / Agustina Sabaliauskas

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