The Best Ten Streets to Shop

Shopping malls have come to stay and they have certainly displaced regular stores. However, some streets in town continue to set the trend when it comes to going shopping in the City of Buenos Aires. Let’s see which ones are still in fashion.

Coquettish Alvear Avenue
Throughout the years, it displayed brands like Louis Vuitton and Cartier, which gave Alvear Avenue its air of superiority. Its favorite corner has always been the intersection with Ayacucho Street, where the star of the avenue stands today, namely: French Hermés.

El Salvador, Honduras and Gurruchaga Trio
The neighborhood of Palermo is chosen by celebrities to go shopping and its streets are the great protagonists. Many renowned international brands had their first stores on these streets, such as Delaostia, at 4627, El Salvador Street. These streets are a must when people wish to walk, shop and enjoy the best restaurants.

Andrés Arguibel
The area known as “Las Cañitas” experiences constant change. It is no longer just a gastronomic pole or a site where pubs abound. It has become one of the most important commercial areas of the moment. One of the most significant brands of local industry was a pioneer when it landed at 2899, Andres Arguibel Street: Rapsodia. Now, it has been joined by famous firms such as
Etiqueta Negra.

  • Streets with history

    Streets with history

  • Prestigious streets

    Prestigious streets

  • The classic Santa Fe Avenue

    The classic Santa Fe Avenue

  • Alvear Avenue Coquette

    Alvear Avenue Coquette

Classic Santa Fe Avenue
Everything from small stores, through well-known chains, galleries and even Alto Palermo Shopping Mall are concentrated on this avenue. An ideal shopping afternoon starts at Cerrito Street, going through Callao and up to Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue. Santa Fe has everything for every taste and budget.

Florida, The Eternal Pedestrian Road
What is best than a commercial pedestrian street? Leather stores, great chains, Fallabella, Galerías Pacífico and more. Florida Street, in the microcentro porteño is the founder of outdoor shopping centers in Buenos Aires.

Juncal, Designers’ Stuff
Ever since Sofía de Grecia settled down here in 2011, this street has become the protagonist of emergent designers in the neighborhood of Recoleta. New trendy stores are discovered every day between Vicente López and Libertad Streets.

Cabildo Avenue, Young People’s Stuff
The best-known Argentinian brands are mingled with small stores on Cabildo Avenue, starting at Virrey del Pino Street, in the neighborhood of Belgrano. Its heart is undoubtedly represented by its traditional corner in the intersection with Juramento Avenue. This used to be a gathering point for young people in the northern area.

Aguirre, Outlet Stores Spot
One of the newest shopping areas in the City of Buenos Aires lies on this street and its surroundings. Why is it unlike others? It is the seat of outlet stores of the first brands of the porteño market. Those in search of good prices will find the neighborhood of Villa Crespo has much to offer. The best spot: Aguirre Street between Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue and Thames Street.

And there is more, much more.

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