Tren de la Costa, a Special Ride

The eleven stations of Tren de la Costa showed us much more than a journey to Tigre, the end of the rail. The ride offers multiple forms of entertainment and enjoyment both for grown-ups and children...

Its green cars look as if they had just been painted. Equipped with air-conditioning and bilingual stewardesses, its seats invite travelers to sit down and look through the large windows onto the sceneries outside. Tren de la Costa is one of the small luxuries Buenos Aireshas. It allows us to see the Northern zone in a different way, always bordering the Río de la Plata.

The ride is an excursion itself to get away from the daily rhythm of the city, especially if we take into account the so many attractions hidden at every station, in a tour that leaves from Vicente López and ends in Tigre, on the shores of the beautiful and mystic delta. From there, it is possible to take some ferry to get deep into the labyrinthine islands.

Going back to Tren de la Costa: each station has its own identity.

  • Much more than a journey to Tigre

    Much more than a journey to Tigre

  • The Northern zone in a different way

    The Northern zone in a different way

  • Always bordering the Río de la Plata

    Always bordering the Río de la Plata

  • A tour hard to be forgotten

    A tour hard to be forgotten

Let’s get familiar with each of them through a brief description:

MAIPÚ: this is the terminal station, located one block from the Presidential Country Estate at Olivos.

BORGES: called “Station of the Arts”, it offers the Olivos squares and its literary café called “Luna Cornea”.

LIBERTADOR: the most important trademarks of female and male apparel can be found here in a scenery much different from the urban commercial centers. Furthermore, it has an entertainment area for children to play and have lots of fun.

ANCHORENA: sitting at one of the tables of El Andén restaurant, located a few meters of the station called “Tango Station”, visitors may appreciate a complete view of Río de la Plata and the City of Buenos Aires.

BARRANCAS: built in English style, this is the only station built in wood. Visitors can rent games for children, such as rollers or bicycles and tour around the stands of the picturesque antique’s market.

SAN ISIDRO: it is a small urban shell with an outdoor commercial center, four cinemas, restaurants and pubs. Ideal to have a break during the journey and shop away from the great urban cage.

PUNTA CHICA: at La Avelina restaurant, visitors may taste the best Argentinian wines and the most delicious grilled meat this country has to offer.

MARINA NUEVA: this is the newest station. A vast area of houses is located here next to the Dutch Café, where you may taste different varieties of coffee and Dutch pastries.

SAN FERNANDO: it is located opposite the San Fernando Nautical Club.

CANAL DE SAN FERNANDO: this station is dedicated to railway maintenance.

DELTA: this is the final destination of the journey. A paradisiacal environment where visitors will find access to Parque de la Costa, Tigre’s Casino and the Delta Handicraft Market, as well as countless proposals to enjoy the river, the vegetation and the open air, such as a ride on a catamaran.

A tour hard to be forgotten, where the train, the river and the amusement make a perfect combination…

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