Museum Night in Buenos Aires

Location Location : Varios Museos de la ciudad, Buenos Aires Date When : 11/04/2017

A cultural celebration held every year ever since 2004 invites visitors to go around the museums in the City of Buenos Aires under the moon and the stars.
The first Museum Night took place in Berlin in 1997. The idea was warmly welcomed and ever since more and more institutions and participants have joined this event.

So far, this celebration has been spread around over 120 cities throughout Europe. The concept was also adopted by other cities overseas and thus the idea of opening the museum doors at night reached Argentina, presenting its first issue in 2004.

Nowadays, the various porteño neighborhoods offer their streets and sidewalks to thousands of people that go round the city in search of diverse cultural shelters with the official support of the City of Buenos Aires and public transportation, which do not charge any fees that night so that everyone can see the museums no matter their budget.
  • Old coal plates

    Old coal plates

  • Night to remember history

    Night to remember history

  • A night that invites you to dream and discover

    A night that invites you to dream and discover

  • A mysterious and historical Buenos Aires

    A mysterious and historical Buenos Aires

Thus, the porteño night explodes with culture and fun on each issue of the Museum Night, with over 750 thousand people going around its spaces specially thought for neighbors, families and tourists, who enjoy the various tours that make up the cultural agenda, from one neighborhood to another, designed by the government of the City of Buenos Aires.

The first issue of the Museum Night in Argentina in 2004 with only 29 museums open now seems distant and historical. Ever since 2010, over 150 institutions have been opening their gates to visitors who feel passion for culture and history. They wander around the city enjoying a night that invites everyone to dream and discover.

Year after year, the slogans change. In 2012, tribute was paid to famed Astor Piazzola, one of the greatest Argentinian artists. There were shows and exhibitions about his work and creative mind. The most important one was at the Planetarium, where the San Martín Theater Ballet presented “The Eight Seasons”. Directed and created by Mauricio Wainrot, the show had music by Vivaldi (“The Four Seasons”) and music by Astor Piazzola (“Verano Porteño”, “Otoño Porteño”, “Invierno Porteño” and “Primavera Porteña”).

It was also commemorated at countless museums and cultural centers such as at the Museum of Humor, where drawings and recordings of the famous musician were made y great Argentinian artists such as Andrés Cascioli, Sergio Capitani and Carlos Nine, to name a few.

Just like in previous issues, there were various alternatives to see and learn. Diverse audiences were captured by taste and age to see the shows. Of course they cannot see everything in only one night.

There are museums of all kinds, themes and tastes. The Argentinian Puppet Museum is located at 950, Piedras Street, at the neighborhood of San Telmo, and it offers activities to entertain children.

Those who like to discover a mysterious and historical Buenos Aires will be pleased by Santa Felicitas Hidden Temple and the Tunnels Museum, located at 1480, Pinzón Street in Barracas. In addition to a handicrafts market that will make queuing more entertaining, it offers access to the tunnels of an old convent whose maximum exponent is a hidden temple, unique for its architecture and size.

Towards the north of the city, the famous Anglers’ Club whose historical pier is surrounded by the Río de la Plata, gives visitors the chance to see a full aquarium with all the fish species that dwell in the famed and studied Plata basin. An idea site to visit with children.

Not only can visitors find the typical pizza restaurants and trattorias in the neighborhood of La Boca, but they can also enjoy the color and rhythm of murga groups that take advantage of the festive night to amuse and entertain all passers-by who come along to visit various museums like Benito Quinquela Martín Fine Arts Museum, Museo de la Pasión Boquense or the famous Riverside Theater, which is also open.

Even denizens of Buenos Aires may play at being tourists in their own city. It is a worthwhile experience at least once a year. Culture, history and much passion are lying round the corner waiting for a door to open and tell us its history.
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