A Visit to Glew to see Raúl Soldi's Frescos

Saint Anne’s Parish in Glew is an ample of the greatness of Raúl Soldi. As soon as its doors are crossed, visitors start to understand the talented artist. And it lies just half an hour away from giant Buenos Aires.
At one nook in Buenos Aires metropolitan area, world-famous artist known as Raúl Soldi resolved to embellish Saint Anna’s Parish in Glew with his work. Thus, he has left his legacy.

Ever since the mid twentieth century, a masterpiece with little renown has existed in Glew, one of the many nooks in the southern metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. It was artist Raúl Soldi, famous for having decorated the dome of the Colón Theater and spreading his name around Europe, who immortalized the inner walls of Saint Anna’s Parish, a spiritual symbol the denizens of Glew take pride in, with his vivid and solemn frescos.

The District of Glew is located inside the Department of Almirante Brown. Today, it is one of the largest districts in the southern area. Nevertheless, the surroundings of the church give evidence of simplicity.
  • The greatness of Raul Soldi

    The greatness of Raul Soldi

  • An artistic work masterly

    An artistic work masterly

  • Their living and solemn fresh

    Their living and solemn fresh

  • "Soldi really lives in this church"

  • Each wall is made up for his work

    Each wall is made up for his work

The railway station bearing the same name is crowded throughout the day. It lies five blocks away from the church. The name of the street joining both points is no coincidence: it is precisely called Raúl Soldi, which reflects the eternal tribute paid by the locals to this artist.

Walking down the street enables people to understand the local lifestyle: the railway station is attracts a large number of bus lines featuring different colors and traveling in different direction. Countless passengers get on and off this means of public transport. Furthermore, stores never rest. They open very early in the morning to assist customers all day long.

Church, The Place Where Time Stops

Inside, Earth and time seem to stop. Amazingly, visitors to this vestige of the past get the impression that the frescos are breathing, whispering, watching. “Soldi truly lives in this church”, asserts the priest as he looks around.

Each wall is upholstered with his work. The paintings feature a vaguely defined silhouette, but this detail usually goes unnoticed by the astonishing color contrast managed by Soldi. As a supernatural act, many of them inspire visitors and take them down to some ancient place. Themes are varied, as various moments of the life of Jesus are portrayed. Undoubtedly, the solemnity of this place seems to revive biblical events making us protagonists.

Federico Díaz / Federico Díaz

Useful Data

How to get here: The fastest way to visit this place from Buenos Aires is by train: General Roca Railway. Take Alejandro Korn or Glew branches at Constitución Station. The journey takes half an hour maximum. Ask the directions to Soldi’s Parish as you get off. Everybody knows it.

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