A little bit of Jazz in Palermo

Fifteen gastronomic corners in the Palermo neighborhood offer their customers the possibility of having dinner in the company of very good live jazz music.

As from September 2003, various jazz bands have been circulating around pubs and restaurants in Palermo Viejo. This undertaking born in the mind of musician Gustavo Firmenich and fostered by the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is working under the name of “La ruta del jazz” (The route of jazz).

Just like tango has its own place in this city, La ruta del jazz was born as a complement to be listened to and experienced by tourists and the inhabitants of Buenos Aires. For some years, Palermo Viejo has been in fashion: costume designers, decorators, architects and a great number of restaurants, pubs and night life sites have given life to this well-known porteño neighborhood.

Most of the shops included in the route of jazz are concentrated within a ten-block radio, offering a wide range of styles and trends.

The various groups rotate, making each night differ from the previous one, thus trying to make shows as homogeneous as possible.

Prices are modest and, although jazz is not intended to be transformed into a massive genre, it can become a popular style in which the audiences do not have to be experts to spend an unusual evening.

  • Jazz Club - Lucas Cutaia

    Jazz Club - Lucas Cutaia

  • Guatemala 4328

    Guatemala 4328

  • Local jazz circuit

    Local jazz circuit

  • One of the worlds top Jazz Venues

    One of the worlds top Jazz Venues

My experience in Las cortaderas –Charcas 3647– was very “relaxing”:

Thursday after 10pm, dinner, dim candle lights in each table and some friends are the example of this night experience.

Beyond the music accompaniment, it was a true show for my eyes. Countless instruments circulated on a small stage. The golden brightness of the wind instruments, accompanied by the coming and going of strings, made us totally give in to the magical atmosphere of the restaurant.

This is a good option, especially for week evenings, as shows start between 9 and 10pm.

To Take into Account:

These are the pubs and restaurants that belong to the Ruta del jazz:

Bar abierto: Borges 1613. Plaza Cortázar. Reservations: 54 11 4833640
Binaural – Fragance: Mediterranean dishes, drinks and wines. Soler 4202. Reservations: 54 11 48653839
Cala bistro: French cuisine. Soler 4065. Reservations: 54 11 482304213
Casual: Cabrera 3877. Reservations: 54 11 48634242
El Gorriti: restaurant. Gorriti 3780. Reservations: 54 11 48628061
El taller: home-made hamburgers and handcraft beer. On the corner of Serrano and Honduras. Reservations: 54 11 48315501
Las cortaderas: restaurant, pub and pastry shop with handcraft production. Charcas 3647. Reservations: 54 11 48252887
Los 40: Tapas bar. Costa Rica 4900. Reservations: 54 11 48337008
New people: Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 2282. Reservations: 54 11 48314428
No avestruz – Lugar común: Humboldt 1857. Reservations: 54 11 47711141
Splendid: International cuisine from Asia, Europe and America. Gorriti 5099. Reservations: 54 11 48334477
Te mataré Ramírez: Paraguay 4062. Reservations: 54 11 48319156
Thelonious bar goove & jazz club: snacks, Mediterranean cuisine and pub. Salguero 1884. Reservations: 54 11 48291562
Tiempo de gitanos: fusion cuisine, Spanish tapeos. El Salvador 5575. Reservations: 54 11 47766143
Virasoro bar: tapas, drinks, woks. Guatemala 4328. Reservations: 54 11 48318918

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza de los Bares y Restaurantes citados


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