A Tour around Fileteado porteño

There are must-visits in the City of Buenos Aires. The people from 054 have elaborated a real treasure to enjoy the history and culture of the city, hand in hand with one of its most representative art forms: Styled iconography art.
The iconography that has become a synonym for Buenos Aires catches the eye of locals and tourists alike. Inside this game of symmetries, flowers and colorful lines lies the history of the city itself.

Even if this art is not seen so frequently today as it used to, the fileteado porteño can be perceived with an attentive eye, observing carefully on each corner.

Fortunately, there are alternatives for those whose observation capacity is small. In the neighborhood of Balvanera, best known as Once, 054 offers a new proposal, necessary for all visitors to the city who wish to appreciate its spirit before they leave.

A guided tour is available for lovers of fileteado porteño, designed and guided by fans of this matchless art that has left its track in the streets, on the walls and houses that succeeded in escaping the passing of time.
  • Footprints on streets, walls and houses

    Footprints on streets, walls and houses

  • Buenos Aires filleting

    Buenos Aires filleting

  • A guided tour

    A guided tour

  • Artist teachings and advice

    Artist teachings and advice

  • Unlearned language

    Unlearned language

  • A painted picture ourselves

    A painted picture ourselves

The entire neighborhood of Abasto, Almagro and some blocks of Balvanera are invaded by fileteado porteño.

However, the icing on the cake is Carlos Gardel Museum, where we can analyze the life of this genius of tango, listen to his music and see biographical videos.

On Jean Jaures Street, both outside and inside the house, tango and fileteado go hand in hand. These are unique pieces of a history that grows larger and larger every day.

By this time we were already satisfied with so much fileteado, but as it usually happens when things are projected with criteria and wisdom, the best of the tour was saved for the ending.

Thus, we entered one of the so many pubs of the old days of Buenos Aires, where we could learn the techniques of fileteado from one of the big masters of this discipline, enjoying a very Argentinian snack consisting of mate, croissants and friends.
We all paid attention to the teachings and advice given by the artist and we managed to understand the passion and the esthetic sense typical of this language deprived of letters but saying so much.

The late afternoon found us all having made a painting ourselves. We had learned that the fileteado porteño is part of a culture that has its own codes and is part of a policy of life that still remains.

It was a pleasure to share this experience with the people from 054.

More information: www.054online.com
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