An Unusual Afternoon on Bond Street

Avant-garde Bond Street Gallery has become a classic in the City of Buenos Aires. Here are some details that keep captivating visitors.
“La Bond”, as it is usually referred to in the field, is the seat and gathering point par excellence of urban tribes. Many people have come along for some ticket to access this gallery on a Saturday and been surprised to find youngsters dressed in the same kind or outfits or else in completely different ones.

A Mecca for subcultures such as darks, punks, emos, floggers, skaters and more tribes, la Bond is still a place for worship and distraction for those who can indulge themselves a break to spend an unusual afternoon. Specially designed for teenagers and enjoyed by those who are young in their hearts, la Bond has enough space for all tastes.

Tattoo Culture

People who wish to get a tattoo in Buenos Aires and are not quite convinced about where to get it will end up at la Bond. The first tattoo stores in the city were settled down here and, with the passing of time, tattoo artists coming from all over the world have concentrated their work here.
  • Art gallery

    Art gallery

  • Details that continue to captivate the visitor

    Details that continue to captivate the visitor

  • First local tattoo

    First local tattoo

  • A place of worship and distraction

    A place of worship and distraction

  • All styles of tattoos

    All styles of tattoos

  • Graffiti of all kinds

    Graffiti of all kinds

This gallery has become a school for this craft. There are many different kinds of stores, from large international chains to small signature shops. All of them feature all the tattoo styles we can imagine.

Crazy about Music

Even though it is usually very hard to find material about your favorite band, except that they perform in Buenos Aires, La Bond has countless products fans may wish to buy, ranging from T-shirts to rucksacks, going through posters, patches and even imported records that cannot be found anywhere else. Fans of past and present music know there is a special place for them in this gallery.

Everything for Skaters

Skaters were one of the first urban tribes to gather at this gallery. Here they found everything they needed to practice this activity. Not only wheels, boards and roller bearings but also the latest outfits made by renowned international trademarks, such as Vans, Converse, All Star, Zoo York, DC and many more.


As if there was still something missing, visitors just need to walk along the corridors, past the stores and up to the staircase to be amazed. Graffiti of all kinds cover the walls featuring the most diverse shapes and colors. In turn, permanent shows of sculptures made by artist Fernando Alemán, a prestigious tattoo artist and bike icon, with metallic materials are on display.

Friends, shopping, music and art are some of the words that may define Bond Street. This venue is ready to welcome first-comers as well as frequent visitors. Put it in another way, it is Buenos Aires’ B side. And records are nothing without a B side.
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