The Diamante Circuit

Many circuits invite visitors to enjoy the City of San Rafael and its surroundings. Here are some of the must visit attractions in the Diamante Circuit.

The source of the river named Diamante (Diamond) is located in the Andes Mountain Range. Many denizens of Mendoza consider this waterway is one of the most eye-catching in the entire province. Throughout its course, it gives shape to a basin that supplies water and electricity to the whole area.

Just 25 kilometers away from San Rafael, the coquettish District of Villa de Mayo shows off its picturesque streets, houses made of adobe and captivating still original wells. This small city emerged some years after Fort San Rafael del Diamante was established at this site on April 2nd, 1805 because it was necessary to populate the area. The local church, called Our Lady of Carmen, together with Narciso Sosa Morales Museum, located in front of the former fort, are two of the most emblematic sights at this beautiful city in Mendoza. This is the start of the famous Diamante circuit.

The first works that can be observed on the Diamante River is “Galileo Vitale”. It was built to make the most of the waters of the Diamante River in order to irrigate the area through a system of gates and concrete canals. This amazing structure lies a few minutes away from San Rafael, exactly 27 kilometers away.

  • Los Reyunos

    Los Reyunos

  • Villa de Mayo

    Villa de Mayo

  • Water Dam of El Toro

    Water Dam of El Toro

  • For lovers of fishing

    For lovers of fishing

  • The Los Reyunos reservoir

    The Los Reyunos reservoir

  • A must-see landscape

    A must-see landscape

Fishing enthusiasts will find an attractive environment just 10 kilometers away from the city, at the spot known as El Tigre (the Tiger), a small dam that gathers water in a reservoir called Los Reyunos. El Tigre Dam lies 33 kilometers away from San Rafael and it offers the chance to enjoy fishing large silverside and trout once planted at this spot, which have perfectly adapted to this environment. This small water body has become an ideal place to practice fly-fishing.

Los Reyunos Dam, which lies 35 kilometers away, is regarded as the protagonist of this attractive basin. This dam is 135 meters tall and its vantage point features spectacular views. A small village has emerged around the reservoir. It started as a weekend destination but has succeeded in luring steady denizens that enjoy the benefits of this place year round. They even offer their dwellings for rent during the high season. Barely 734 hectares of water offer the chance to enjoy all kinds of nautical activities and especially angling. Los Reyunos Angling and Nautical Club, along with a hotel, restaurants, convenience stores, cabins, campsites and other tourist operators who rent watercraft to go fishing or rowing around the artificial lake can be appreciated on its shores.

A little farther away, the dam known as Agua del Toro (The Bull’s Water), is located 90 kilometers away from the City of San Rafael. This dam also boasts a unique kind of beauty and gives origin to a lake that occupies over a thousand hectares and produces electricity to supply the whole country. The staff of this venue is in charge of controlling the kw generated here and distributed around the entire country.

Dams, dikes or reservoirs. There are several names to refer to the same thing: water that flows from one site to another, that is gathered and generates electricity. That is what this fantastic circuit is all about.

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