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<i>Estancia Peuma Hue</i> in Bariloche

<i>Estancia Peuma Hue</i> is an unusual site where all visitors want to return. <i>Peuma Hue</i>, a “site of dreams” in the <i>Mapuche</i> tongue.

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<i>Huella Andina</i> in Bariloche

Hiking is a sport activity that is becoming more and more popular. In northern Patagonia, Argentina presents brand-new trails that cross Andean forests.

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<i>Isla Victoria</i> and <i>Bosque de Arrayanes</i> without Haste

The island called Victoria and the Myrtle Tree Forest are very close to each other, even though they do not live together. Separated by Lake Nahuel Huapi, they are part of the regular tourist itineraries in the area.

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<i>Picada</i> and Street Art

Summer becomes alive in a new way in the streets located behind the Civic Center, where street entertainment and craft breweries stand out.

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A Beautiful Beach

Just eight kilometers away from the center of the city, there lies a beach that has come to be called <i>Playa Bonita</i> (Beautiful Beach)”.

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A Classic in Bariloche, Blest Beer

Dedication and appropriate ingredients to taste high quality craft brewed beer and varieties for all tastes.


Bariloche Paleontological Museum

<p>The Paleontological Museum is a unique treasure in Bariloche, ideal to explore during a visit to this city located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.</p>

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Beer in Bariloche

Ideal to drink beer, Bariloche has its own beer road, where scenes co-exist with a tradition brought along by immigrants who made the city grow.

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Campanario Hill Viewpoint

Visitors may behold one of the most impressive sceneries in the area after a tour in the comfortable chairlifts of <i>Cerro Campanario</i>.

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Cerro Otto Cable Car Resort

The Cerro Otto Cable Car complex is enjoyed at any time of the year. Each season is a sample of the benefits of nature.

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Chocolate Bark in Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche may lecture on its tradition to make exquisite chocolate. The various specialties await at the different factories and <i>chocolate en rama</i> is one of them.

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Chocolate Festival Temptations

There is an added attraction to spending your Easter Holiday in Bariloche: the Chocolate Festival, getting better every year!

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Chocolate Makes History in Bariloche

As exquisite as it is energetic, chocolate is highly coveted by visitors to Bariloche. Fenoglio Chocolate Museum shows how the idea...

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Elegant Hotel Llao Llao

Hotel Llao Llao appears in the most famous first-class international hotel directories. We visited the venue, toured around each section and confirmed its well-deserved prestige.

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Enigmatic Nahuelito in Bariloche

Nahuelito is the popular name used to refer to that ten-to-fifteen-meter-long brownish animal with one or two humps that is believed to dwell in Lake Nahuel Huapi. Science? Imagination? Fantasy?...

Contemplative Tourism

Excursion to Mount Tronador

While in Bariloche, this is an invitation to tour around spectacular lakes and vegetation to see the glaciers and snowdrifts that have ornamented Mount Tronador for thousands of years.


Francisco P. Moreno Museum of Patagonia

We visited the “Francisco P. Moreno” Museum of Patagonia and obtained a global vision of the various historical and cultural periods Patagonia went through.

ClimbingTrekkingContemplative Tourism

Hiking and Climbing to the Castaño Overo Glacier

A unique experience for those who dare to walk on the glacial ice and enter its blue heart.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Hiking around the Valley of the Lost

Another option to enjoy at Neumeyer Refuge: an interesting hiking tour to the Valley of the Lost.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Hiking Tour to <i>Laguna Verde</i> and <i>Mirador Pedregoso</i>

We explored another possibility offered by Neumeyer Shelter: a hiking tour to <i>Laguna Verde</i> and <i>Mirador Pedregoso</i>.

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Impressive Cathedral in Bariloche

The church cathedral imposes its presence due to its size and architectural style traditional of Bariloche.

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Lake Tour on the Nahuel Huapi

Lake Nahuel Huapi looks different from a sailing boat. We went on an excursion to Victoria Island and the Quetrihué Peninsula, to fish and enjoy the scenery.

Religious Tourism

May the Virgin of the Snow Guide Us

The Virgin of the Snow is worshipped for her miraculous actions at a grotto by her congregation and all those who wish to understand the reasons generated by faith.

PaleontologyContemplative Tourism

Nahuelito Park and Dinosaurs

While touring around Bariloche, we discovered a venue where it is possible to learn something more about a topic that fascinates children: the time when dinosaurs lived on our planet millions of years ago.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Neumeyer Shelter

In the outskirts of Bariloche, Club Andino Dr. Juan Neumeyer Mountain Shelter offers the chance to take various mountain tours leading to unforgettable nooks.

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Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes

El Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes fue creado en el año 1971 al desprenderse del Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, con el objetivo de proteger un singular bosque de arrayanes...

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Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

El Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi fue la primera área protegida del país, creada en el año 1934 a partir de la donación de 3 leguas cuadradas de tierras que realizara Francisco Pascasio Moreno en 1903.

Contemplative TourismRafting

River Rafting on the Manso

Unlike its name in Spanish, the Manso River rapids offer an excellent proposal for river rafting.

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Singular Ice Bar

Nightlife in the city offers something unlike everything known so far: Ice Bar Iloche invites customers to have a drink within a glacial atmosphere.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Snow Festival in Bariloche

This event has become a classic in Bariloche for two reasons: it is suitable for the entire family and it generates optimism and good vibes when the winter comes.

MotoringContemplative Tourism

The Famous 1000 Millas Sport

Just like the <i>Mille Miglia</i> in Italy, this classic car enduro race from Bariloche becomes consolidated year after year by incorporating experienced international drivers.

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The Nahuel Huapi Lake

This lake of glacial origin is characterized by being both majestic and changing. All throughout the day and the year, its variations are translated into different colors and textures.

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Tour amidst the Myrtle-trees on Quetrihué Peninsula

We visited a magical spot: a myrtle forest unique in the world due to its features, and we enjoyed the feeling of quietness arising from its thick heart.

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Tour around Circuito Chico

The classical <i>Circuito Chico</i> tours around the main attractions displayed by the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Tourism in Río Negro

The Province of Río Negro stands between the Andes Mountain Range and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Both ends feature different geographical traits and are popular due to their tourist destinations.

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Tradition in Bariloche: The Civic Center

The Civic Center is a classic tour in San Carlos de Bariloche and a natural viewpoint towards the vastness of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Both represent the best-known face of the city.

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Visit to the Forest Nurseries

We went around some plant nurseries in order to learn more about native and introduced species, how to treat them and the best locations for them to have a better development.

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White Magic Celebration

Every year, when the first snowfalls start, a great festival is held to revive good wishes for the imminent ski season.

Why should you rent a car in Bariloche?

Bariloche is a city that is enjoyed at any time of the year. Its physiognomy is so particular that the postcard speaks for itself. I discovered Bariloche by car.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Bariloche and its Chocolate Festival

San Carlos de Bariloche has added taste, surprise and many attractions to the Easter celebrations: the Chocolate Festival is held during several days and everything is invaded by this almost addictive delicacy.

Contemplative TourismHorse Riding

Horseback Ride on Mount Campanario

The idea is to go along a winding mountain trail on horseback to hit the summit of Mount Campanario and get to see it from another point of view, enjoying contact with nature in a more direct way.

Contemplative TourismSki & Snowboard

Catedral Mount (in the winter)

Catedral has two sectors managed by different companies. The northern sector is operated by Catedral Alta Patagonia and it also includes the Cablecar and the Lynch chair...

Contemplative Tourism

Bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi

Bariloche’s waterfront escorts visitors as they access the city granting a delightful attraction, whether during the day or at night. It offers a new landscape at every instant, in sunny, snowy or windy weather.

Contemplative Tourism

Crossed towards Chile through the Cardenal Samoré Pass

We crossed towards Chile through the Cardenal Samoré Pass. During the tour, we had a look from every natural vantage point in the pre-Andes.

Mountain BikeContemplative Tourism

Cycling across the Andes

We wanted to try something different. Therefore, we resolved to face the crossing of the Andes by bike. We cycled from San Carlos de Bariloche to Puerto Montt.

Contemplative Tourism

Curanto in Colonia Suiza

Tasting <i>curanto</i> prepared with enough time and professionalism in Colonia Suiza is a unique experience.

Contemplative Tourism

From Bariloche to Puerto Varas across the Lakes

The journey from Bariloche to Puerto Varas is an invitation to the adventure of crossing the Andes from Argentina onto Chile. It combines land stretches and lake navigation.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Patagonian New Year

On June 24, the primitive peoples both from Chile and Argentina celebrate the beginning of the new year. An ancient tradition which attracts new visitors every year.

Mountain BikeContemplative Tourism

Cycling towards Mount Catedral

The City of San Carlos de Bariloche offers a wide array of mountain bike circuits. Our challenge was to ascend Mount Catedral following the paved road...


Diving in <i>Isla de las Gallinas</i>

Diving in the crystal clear water of Lake Nahuel Huapi involves underwater forests and massive calcareous walls.


Canyoning in Bariloche

In San Carlos de Bariloche you can do canyoning, a type of adventure tour combining hiking with climbing and swimming in pools, canyons and rapids...

Contemplative Tourism

Blest, Dream Harbor

Its fantastic colors and the quietness of the perfectly beautiful sceneries turn Puerto Blest into one of the best natural nooks in Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Contemplative Tourism

Bariloche after the Ashes

After a short time, the days on which the volcanic ash invaded the air were left behind and the streets and the surroundings of Bariloche have gone back to their normal wonderful looks.

Contemplative Tourism

Isla Victoria and Arrayanes Forest

This trip begins at Puerto Pañuelo, a site nestled on the Llao Llao Peninsula. There are several options to reach this place: by car, following Ezequiel Bustillo’s Avenue;...

Contemplative Tourism

Path to Los Alerces Cascade

Everything in the Manso causes amazement, from its rapids to the beautiful turquoise color of its waters that cross the border. On this particular occasion, we propose to see Los Alerces Cascade...

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